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Tucker WWL we thought we would talk about crystal ball by talking to the leaders around the different parishes because that way we would it tell you what to expect it I can only be a weather forecast as well as the Paris official telling you what you should do it will also work in a little bit of phase two and with that we welcome in my Cooper president of St Tammany parish morning Mike how you good morning tell me doing great this morning on this Friday morning the the first day of phase two and in our re opening planned and getting ready for Cristobal yeah we did it's you know when you look at we enter phase two now I got this thing which is probably not gonna be that much of a deal hopefully with crystal ball but it's like other than that Mrs Lincoln how was the play right it can we just have all this stop and get back to normal tell me about crystal ball what what the St Tammany residents need to know what kind of preparations you all taken well here in St Tammany parish will course or like our job but joining parishes are preparing for crystal ball as is the it moved north in the Gulf the today and tomorrow and this is an expected to bring heavy rains and hopefully not too great a wins and we're we're preparing from the parish level with emergency preparedness public works cleaning drainage features providing sandbags up preparation sandbags for US citizens and we ask our citizens to be prepared as well we call it and ask them to have it in enhanced emergency plan which means not only do you need flashlights batteries order food but also prepare for your move or a state sheltering at home with the provisions of mass hand sanitizers and such because of the coated associated with a possible evacuation you in no way are anticipating anything like that.

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