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I mean, I just think there's like ways for you to make this happen that might not look exactly like your original plan, but would still be really cool. I would also say you asked if we had ever done that had a head of thing. I'm trying to repack the mail, but I think you said, have you ever had an experience where you try to you took a big. Risk and failed. And I just want to say a big hearty. Yes. Oh, yeah, I have. Have you Dorie? Yes. Oh my God. And, and it's very hard to reframe your narrative and think about it in a positive, I think what helps reframe your narrative is hindsight. So the further you get away from this experience, the further you'll be able to probably see the positives and be proud of yourself. And right now it's hard because it stings. You had a plan and it didn't work out. Yeah, but, oh, just no, we're we're empathizing. Yeah, for sure. And this does sound really cool. So I think I think if you want to, you will figure out a way to do it. Good luck and thank you for writing in and keep us posted. Yeah, I think what you did is really cool and inspirational. So that's how I feel after reading your Email. Totally Kate. I heard we have a voicemail. We do. It's got a lot of question. Okay. I'm ready fun. You have to answer like fifty different things. Take notes. I feel like maybe I should take. No, here's a pen. Thank you. Okay. Here we go. Okay. Here we go. Hi many, Cheryl. I'm a twenty four year old from Puerto Rico, but I live in Baltimore right now. I'm actually behind on the podcast because I'm trying to listen to all those in order because I love you guys though is and I'm trying to learn as much as I can't for you guys and getting all the tips and tricks that I have from that can from self-care. So van behind. If this comes up in the podcast I will buy, I probably won't listen to it until possibly like a few weeks after comes out that said question for you guys. First of all, I have two brands that I wanna what European on those are. First one is the store lush, I like, I, I'm surprised you guys haven't mentioned that foams or anything like that, but I love lush and my roommate, those too. Here the best room, but I wonder what you guys think of that of that store brand, you know? And the other one is the Mario Badescu. I'm not even sure if I'm being it right, Mario, but this GU like another ran like pointers and all that stuff. So what do you think of that? I'm starting to get into that Brandon. I wonder what you guys think question is the and my friends. We have a lot of group. It's kind of like a girl talker. And we always talk about like, how would trying to find the right lipstick color. He's I have any tips or not. Like how just hard like you see the color in front of you put it on sometimes just depending on your skin tone..

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