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Paul and the phoenix sons. And i gotta say monty williams as well like i said i don't. I don't think i i did talk about it. My last In my last my last show. I should say Talking about the nba nba awards. And if anything should justify monty williams becoming coach of the year. I know i completely understand that. The postseason has no implications on regular season awards. It's a regular season award. I get it but this should validate that monty. Williams should have won the coach of the year. I know atlanta hawks made it to the made it to the conference finals. So they were no slouches but top. Dibitetto couldn't do anything against trae young. He couldn't put up any kind of game plan to slow him down and slow down. The atlanta hawks. The seventy sixers. Which they imploded they just employed they. They hurt themselves but tom. Dibitetto couldn't put together a you know any kind of game plan to stop the atlanta hawks and he was out in the first round. Monty williams has continued to make adjustments. Kept his team. Calm like never like this is first time here in this type of situation and he played it as cool as can be and is on his way to his first nba finals. Hopefully i many for him and because he has a bright bright future and phoenix is very lucky to have them. James jones is extremely smart to bring him on. And you know build with this young team. That had just continued year after year to have underwhelming seasons with devon booker. There there was all this. Talk about devon booker. Should make his way out of phoenix. He should force his way out. He's never gonna win their that. Was all the storylines going around phoenix and devon booker. You know and even some people were doubting devon booker abilities. Because they weren't winning with him but they just needed a good coach and they needed a veteran leader that can also perform in big moments. And that is chris. Paul that is monty williams. And that is your phoenix suns man. So congratulations to them. That's going to wrap it up for this segment. Make sure you guys stick around. Because when i come back. We're going to talk about the atlanta hawks continuing to battle in these eastern conference finals. Right after this. Are you looking for the very.

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