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Them. The permanent loving homes they deserve. You can help. Learn more at Dave Thomas foundation dot or GE. Time now for a check on traffic. Here's Marina. Big troubles in Bellevue and Kirkland so North and 405, just south of North East, 116th and Kirkland collision is taking up the three left lanes that is causing a solid backup. If you're trying to leave Bellevue, so at least the slowdown starts to begin at 5 20. Then it really gets tough in North East 70 of them to the scene. The other issue we have is South bound for 05. A collision now reported just north of 5 20 in Bellevue, in the right told Lane and the two left general purpose lanes that backup is starting to become solid as well. In fact, from Northeast 85th all the way down to the scene of the collision. You get a brief break and then solid in Bellevue, from Southeast 8 to 90 south and I five into Seattle struggles from Lake City Way. To I 90 North bound I five and Evert is slow from the Boeing Freeway up to Marine View Drive. We also have slowdowns that air top south bound 167 south of Highway 18 and gets bumper to bumper. Right around looks like right around Ellingson all the way down into Sumner. This look, a traffic is sponsored by Loew's Bring on autumn with help from lows right now, get three court hardy months starting at just 5 98 selection. Pricing vary by location while supplies last in store only. Salad at night Valid through 9 30 US. Only Next. Come on Traffic 3 50 for the coma. Weather Outlook, The hazy skies kind of stubborn taking their sweet Mary time getting out of the area. So it looks a little hazy overnight And tomorrow morning, then we'll get more clearing tomorrow afternoon with a high somewhere in the upper sixties. Look for mid sixties on Sunday with clearer air still some morning fog to possible over the weekend in downtown Seattle. It's 72 degrees of 3 46. Stay connected. Stay informed the Northwest's only 24 hour news station coma news 1000.

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