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The host of Cage's in the morning at ESPN Radio talk about what the Bears could do here the draft. Let's get a take on that With Jeff Dickerson, ESPN NFL They should Bears reporter Our good friend Jeff. Thanks so much for being with us. You heard key there in the rejoin about what they're going to do. What do you expect them to do? They do have the 20th overall pick which would lead you to believe they had a really good season last year. I'm not sure that was necessarily the case. Definitely not the case, guys great to be with you. If we were doing a draft show and like 1961, you could still this quarterback as the big need for the Bears. It has been a position that they have not solidified since Hall of Fame for Sid Luckman retired. In 19 fifties, so obviously they would love to get up and get one of these top five quarterbacks. I don't know what number 20 if that's realistic if they stay at 20 It is a pretty good draft for offensive tackles for wide receivers and for corners. I could see those three positions all three of need for the bears being on their to do list. Think of those three. I would say Finding a right tackle. A 20 would maybe be the best move because they released body Massey, their veteran right tackle in the off season. It is a big, glaring need s so maybe someone like Kevin Jenkins from Oklahoma State, but certainly Corner wide receiver tackle. I think unless the Bears, you know, pull the rabbit out of the hat here and get in the mix for the top five quarterback prospects around one. I think that's what you're looking looking at Day one for Chicago. Jeff. What's a more likely scenario the Bears somehow moving up and trying to get into the mix with Trey Lance if he somehow falls or going after a Kellerman or contrast in the second or third round. Yeah, Yeah, Myron, I would say that's more likely. Now, obviously, the bears you know, they love to make the big splashes. I mean, sometimes the moves don't work out so well, I mean, moving up to get service key from 3 to 2. Was a huge deal back in 2017 Ryan taster. GM did pull up the move for Khalil Mack, which was also you know a big one. They have been very aggressive in the draft, moving up to try to get players they have targeted. So I know the bears. Guys. I got caught in Chicago here. It is dicey with the fan base. No one is buying the Andy Dalton jersey here in Chicago. Let me tell you so. I mean, everyone would love for the bears to get a real Start Prospect quarterback. I just don't know. Given the resource is they have, if that's realistic, they will try. But if they fail, I do think. Certainly those second tier quarterbacks and round two baby round three will definitely come into play. I think the Bears would strongly consider taking one of them. When you think Jeff about how the Dalton sighting was perceived, how much of that was hurt, knowing that they tried to get Russell Wilson Yeah, that that's um That was a blessing and a curse that that became public. I mean, it was okay. They're being aggressive as they should be, Of course, exploring every option for the fact that you know you might have had Russell Wilson. And then you have Andy Dalton who don't get me wrong. It's certainly a serviceable quarterback. But I would say that everyone would agree that his days of being labeled a franchise quarterback are in the rear view beer. You know, the Bears guys are just in this perpetual quarterback Purgatory. It is. It's unbelievable to watch whatever they tried just doesn't work long term. So I think, Dalton, you know, eyes far as, like accuracy, maybe intelligence on field intelligence. It could operate over Travis Key athleticism movement. No, it's not. So it's a little bit of a push. It seems like and bears fans are not liking that. I'm telling you guys, it is. It's a It's a very testy group right now in Chicago. They're hoping for something big on draft night because expectations going into the season or not through the roof here in town. I don't necessarily mean this as a joke. But you said they've been looking for a quarterback since Luckman. So where does Andy Dalton rank right now before even taking a snap in terms of bears, quarterbacks of all time? I mean, geez, I got I mean, when you're talking about like when Jay Cutler's You're one. I mean, where does he go? From there? You'd have to put Dalton so I mean, I'll stop my head. I would say Cutler won No. Jim McMahon won the Super Bowl, but it was always perfect won the Super Bowl, So he's up there, you know, Rex Grossman took them to a Super Bowl, but perhaps his career kind of blamed out quickly. I mean, don't gotta be top five. And is that amazing? I mean, really, He's probably a top five quarterback for the Bears all time before taking a snap out, So I'm gonna go drive off the road. A Jeff so obviously there's a lot of talk about your risky We all know what happened there. But how did the Nick Foles signing with the guaranteed money attached to it complicate everything that they were trying to do? A deposition? Well, you know, he's not making much this year, Myron because he had to hit certain benchmarks to avoid that contract out which you thought he was going to do so is only making six million this year. Last year, the money they negotiated. It wasn't terrible money, but it was definitely he was making quite a bit more than travesty. I just think last year you saw that Matt Maggie's preference all along was pulled. Everything that happened with covert. Late training camp. No off season program. It made it very difficult for him to go to him and weak one. But you saw guys how quickly and week three he pulled. The trigger is like Stravinsky, you're gone. And both comes back in and pulls get hurt His mistress he takes back over. Yeah, it was. It was a mess last year, and that's what they're trying to avoid. You know, Dalton in Cincinnati was a pretty durable quarterback. They really don't want to have to ping pong back and forth. I'm not saying that would preclude them trying to grab the young quarterback. They need a young quarterback. They know that They kind of feel like your boy hindsight that they could Elektra Biscuit sit in 2017 for the whole year. That would have helped, But they signed Mike Glennon, who was a disaster, so Everything with the Bears. Guys at quarterback is complicated. I wish there was an easy answer for anything. There's just not. Unfortunately you have takers and ESPN NFL Asian Pears reporter. Thanks, Jeff Appreciate it. Guys take care. Obviously got to solve that quarterback issue you do and you know that, But it's interesting because this Bears team in which Robiskie last year and fools Uh, Went ate and ate and made the playoffs, okay?.

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