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Right so like even though it's like the like i saw where he was going with it wasn't offensive but as i we're not gonna do the magic hiv it's just not like and i think that the guy like get away with it no i don't think so wow so i'm totally wrong it's not that funny right yeah it's not that funny then somebody to take it out of context they wouldn't have known the player's name and they would have said you know he's just as it is michael thompson so you're going to get like desmond michael thompson yeah doesn't like gay people and it would have been all over the place and it's like it's funnier also in the moment when you're when that's happening but like people forget like that you're talking about rudy gay right so lay you know like okay i think they forget it and i also think it's like is not is not a subject that you joke about right like we would have made a joke like if somebody was like their last name was ju like you know right of juba that's not funny right like it just goes their their last name or like i don't know okay it it would would be be it would be like i guess i'm glad he didn't by the way tiger woods is plus one on the seventeenth hole so he's fine the leaders are for under but most of the leaders are still on the course and as i mention a surgery just made his putt for he took a thirteen a thirteen he's now plus ten he's not even going to make the cut but i've never seen anybody butcher a whole at the masters like he just did and he's the defending champion it is the highest score on any hole in masters history he hit four balls in the water four and took a thirteen on one hole by the way the leader is charlie hoffman he's on the fifteenth hole unbeliev he's four under par so this has the i think this is going to be the highest rated masters in twenty years i think it's it's back right it's got so much drama tigers hanging around it.

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