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Like, if I like have a visual image of like Jeffrey, my head, as like anything buddy human, it's like a wove licking its chops like. Out there. Buck in sharpening his knife. Like like that thing where it's like, I think that this is playful to him, like, broccoli playground for him. And I don't know if that's because he's safe with his money. And so he can kind of afford to fuck around a bet or, or what this is, but Jeffrey, always seems like he has nothing to lose to me, which is fascinated athletes so much to lose. He is like. He's in very Scorpio, in, like a lot of Scorpio in chart. His clued always liked. Look up people's kudos sign Pluto, is wait transformation and power planet of death and rebirth. It's end of everything. And, and his is in Scorpio just like his son. So he's kind of like a full circle person mortal is what you're saying, basically. He comes across his immortal. That's totally how I would put it. He's the one to watch like I'll just say he's the one to watch hundred percent or worse. Jeffrey stars on have your eye on. I think we've all known that we continue to know that I I'm not absorbing Audi of like her since here, I think that it was it was this whole thing is very dark in incredibly unfortunate. I'm also not cleansing James Charles visits here, I if I had to pick a guilty. For some reason my ass is picking Jeffrey star in. I don't know why I just don't think it is. Either one of them, like I don't think the root of the issue is James or toddy. I think that there's something much bigger going on here. And I think we all know it. I don't know what Jeffrey is gonna say he claims he's got receipts up the ass James said something. Very clearly said these are defamatory comments, which I think, is a winger the lawsuit, you know, Janson Ethan I was shocked at Jefferson. I mean I'm not shocked. He does whatever he wants but can even tweeted about, you know, James's younger brother. Now, what seventeen I know like when he was like your brothers? So hand tweeted something like he was like men wise. Everyone, so tough online and like allegedly again, it was a tweet about, like on a bully from his high school, okay? Because Hannah still seventeen years old. He's literally kid. He's still in high school. Probably like one line. Hey school now. But whatever. And you said he like Jeffrey, quote tweets them and says, why is your brother predator? Goes you. He goes, you know what you've been able, why don't you tell everyone saying move back to New York. Okay. Gluck. He always, does this thing of like creating a mystery. Yes. And it sounded like James tried to fuck his brother like the way. Yes, the way he laid he was to be like. Oh, no. What did James duty in like, why is an era of his brother being a predator? Why is back in NYC like the like the fuck happens. I like I honestly didn't even like lawsuit seeks is when this all talk jobs. Right. I, I didn't really. I didn't watch the video. I don't want anything until Jeffrey involved in the way like this is like scary. What is going on? And then I watched everything, like all in one day. Which was like yesterday. So this is like, all fresh to me, but it took like crazy ass jeopardy getting involved for me to like. A he has so much influence. There's just something about influence. I know I know he's really scary. He's really. I love the point where driving home. He makes a bomb setting powder. I have been. I thought the setting powder guys he'd on me all you want. Okay. Everyone's evil. I wanted to try thug and products. It is a bone harder. I mean the thing is like Scorpio's. They're not on gives like there's also a quality to them. They're very magnetic, people are just attracted to Scorpio's. And that's like one of Beverly positive qualities unless you use it for like eagle. Jeffrey. But you have this very good..

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