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We will now flu these days raising a vulnerable color known mayo government and his dewine from our bruce greetings happy wednesday days for tuning in a dusty day show podcast addition all unique content for free so to speak to me ultimately somebody's paying the frayed in addis crtv they are graciously providing you this free content each and every day here on iheart itu's and stitcher todd an aaron are here with us we'd love it if you join this to let us know what you think about what we think steve it's d day start com is the email address like us on facebook and follow us on twitter at steve dais show last name is spelled dac e and we just finished wrapping up today show four crtv including an interview with ted cruz and more you don't wanna miss it crtvcom use my name is a promo code dais get a discount it subscription a day if you're not already a subscriber we also have monthly subscription options and if you decide to cancel during the free trial period you won't be charged a dime so gentleman know what stood out to you about the tv show that we just finished up with todd starting same thing is always we're in big trouble save talking talking about jeff flake talking with ted cruz it's just inevitably comes around at that there are so many different versions of the truth going on within conservative slash republican slash right circles.

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