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Country and you know we have three young kids and the kids wanted to go prospect country and then i started thinking about him like man how miserable would that be after you know i'm five six weeks into this thing and it's just you're stuck in these trailers and and you know for someone who's you know always likes to get up and go and whatnot i'm like you know what i have an idea like why don't i swim bike and run across the country and in doing so like our whole thing my wife and i always really passionate about this is that you know kids right now ninety seven percent of kids no longer have everyday physical education seventy percent of kids do zero after school us activity programs seven hours a day the average screen time then that kids are spending a right now obesity rates since the nineteen eighties when i grew up have have tripled i it's it's disturbing and i you know alternately for someone who grew up blown adhd as you guys probably can't tell here i i i'm pretty much like physical activity saved my life and the importance of physical activity i as far as i'm concerned is everything because the being able to do that basically stimulates the frontal lobe and allows me just even you know seem clearly on a daily basis sort of thought that we're taking that away from kids in my in my opinions absolute joke so we're going to do everything in our power pretty much we started foundation called the let them play sunday shen and we had our first event in san francisco the other night or kick off that and we delivered a twenty five hundred dollars check the junior giants and as we go across the country you know swimming biking and running we're going to stop it ballparks along the way in kind of use that angle but go into these cities in deliver checks to youth activity we're going to asians that just promote kids getting outside and in in plain so we're gonna start the twenty second swim the san francisco bay seven miles ride from oakland to chicago twenty four hundred miles and then i'm gonna run from chicago new york eight hundred fifty and that kind of the whole idea to to get people to to come and join and join in on the bike join in on the run and design as the where they can do this right walked two miles in your lifetime all know this is this is awesome you guys get more information on twitter at lt pf.

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