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Process that the evidence was received and looked at he's got a chance to speak to the committee He was given the report and he had a chance to respond to the report and then the penalty was given And that's been a very fair process and accepted for four MPs up to now The way to have a change of the system would be now to and every year that committee does look at its own work thus say yes it could be better and does implement some changes That would have been the way to do it Not have a whole of the system It's like being taken up at work being found guilty of doing something And then asking for the whole HR department to leave en masse That's not the way to do it Does it do any damage then to other parties do you think I mean that was also a significant concern that actually in the eyes of voters perhaps MPs are not being held to high enough standards and that actually all parties including yours could end up sort of suffering from that Yeah I agree that lots of people will look at this and just say oh all MPs are on the make which is absolutely not what is happening Some MPs have full and follow up the rules have broken the rules have done the wrong thing but that should not tell all of us But inevitably it does I never believe people don't look at the who's voted for what size doing what they just think all MPs are disreputable And that is a dreadful situation where and I want everyone to get involved and more in our political and our politics to feel that we are representing them and we are doing that fairly And this is definitely a step back for that So that was fleur Anderson de labor MP for partney on Bloomberg Westminster talking about the controversy around lobbying and the government backtracking having to backtrack on it And of course we'll have much more on British politics and also the cop 26 summit on Bloomberg Westminster today because I'll be speaking to Chris stark who's the chief executive of the committee on climate change the independent body that advises government on climate change to catch that live toffe in UK time download the podcast later.

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