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Jumps for him. He submits a prayer and the second. He's finished rebecca walks out. He's answered immediately. Everything is flawless. And of course. Elliot's realizing that. This is a very unusual snapping. Usually usually of course. We believe that every prayer works. Every prayer is applications on some level. But it's very rare to see you efforts of the end. The second you finished it just walks out right in front of you and let himself knowledged as much in verse twenty seven. He says sarah hashem blesses god the god of my master abraham who didn't abandon me his kindness and his truth is with me and all times but derek noneya sham. God has guided meal on this path to the house of master's brother god is like holding my hand. Elliot's her realize he leading me. He's guiding me into straight patent proper path in this correct path. Rachi tells us exactly where anyth- ago he's holding my hand showing me what i need to do walking alongside me and guiding me and being there with me elizabeth the knowledge that he is a recipient a very unique divine assistance and oversight providence. He's with him. Hold me guiding me taking me miracles the entire way. Oh and this is not the end. They are more miracles yet to come. There were people who objected to this match. So of course we know the story he tells them the whole story and they say well it came from god they sign off on it and the next day. The family gets cold feet. They say this is in verse. Fifty five by omar vima her brother and her mother's saint now. Maybe she should stay here. Maybe for ten months maybe for a year. What's the rush sarai. She asked an interesting question previous day. Elliott was negotiating with rebecca's brother laban rebecca's father basuto mother was there rebecca was there but suddenly if the next morning and the father is gone. He's talking to her brother and her mother we're is daddy where is Whereas missile so rashy asked the question pursue l. a. whereas the swell haya rotella cave. He wanted to stop it. Wa mala and an angel came the houston chilton the su- well. He wanted a torpedo. This union and the angel came until them so he was there yesterday. He's gone today. No one is stopping. Elliot's there's mission and there was a major that i was always taught as a kid. The mid i remember hearing is that the sewell. The father of rebecca. Father of lebron's well he wanted to torpedo this union and he made a poisonous dish for lesser and the angel came and took his dish and swapped up a sewell's there and his own poison. And that's how he died actually asked my wife yesterday. I said you did. You hear that midrasz when you were kids. She says yes. Apparently this is the universal majors that gets taught ask children but now adults or at least we're pretending to be adults such a you know what. Let me go look for source. I always tell you the faithful friends and family of the partial by say. Don't trust me. i'm giving the sources. Go check it out. Dole believe me. When i say something. Don't believe me see what it says inside..

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