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Nine percent are doing it in a porta potty is the most disgusting thing ever it's not possible it's well it's probably possible dan because if you think about mile high club stuff that's really not that much bigger than the space on an airplane just disgusting don't we disgustingly not possible just it's so goes against every instinct of survival to be well if they are feeling like getting intimate i suppose i have to believe and the only thing that would make me feel better about this as if they're just a nieve rated and don't know better or something like there's just no way in a with a sound mind do you think that that is i feel like the just the very aromas that come off porta potty they light up something of me something something primal that says go the other direction get away from this this is so gross awful awful awful and the other places at festival settings where people more private thankfully or tense maybe an rv of those things make sense even a vehicle or you know back of a vehicle or something more sense than a porta potty the porta potty rockin don't come knockin i cannot is no way no way now i will never be able to look at a porta potty the same guess exactly the same as it grows thing is to be avoided at all you can read more about it on the toby until he page awash fm dot com and coming up in a few minutes what mothers really want for mother's day and i'll share kind of what i'm hoping for although i feel like it's very selfish for me to want this that's coming up in just a few minutes time is running out six.

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DAN, Toby, Nine Percent discussed on Loo and Chilli

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