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Austin Winfield newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. mostly clear skies now in Cincinnati and seventy two degrees here in Cincinnati the police shooting of a suspected armed robber in car thief was justified yesterday Hamilton County prosecutor Joe deters as the man Robert Schneider died yesterday his injuries from the July shooting deter said that flyer tried to evade officers by trying to get into a house in the Westwood neighborhood the woman there an elderly woman and her niece and nephew were able to keep the man out Schneider had a gun that he pointed officers during the incident which was seen on body camera video but was said to a be a broken and unloaded weapon deter simply call that a piece of crap no one knew was an operable weapon that is aimed at everybody and as I said before he was on a crime spree I mean this almost became inevitable want to start a man the guns of the police officers a name of guns of store clerks now Jeffrey M. seen in other news the multi millionaire accused of sex trafficking and a convicted pedophile oil killed himself this morning in a Manhattan federal lockup yesterday hundreds of pages of sealed court documents were unsealed in federal court alleging new claims of abuse against him and several high profile and will names associates by one particular woman radio seven hundred W. L. W. sports here's.

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