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There was a camera in their offense meetings were doing this situations. Right this. These of the plays were installing these the practice cut ups from like where it was strong where it wasn't strong. If they were forced to deliver the entire offense of game plan with video evidence to Colgate. As it was happening. Like the livestream. Does it ultimately change the outcome in any sort of dramatic way? I mean, if Colgate is ready for everything it's all there, like they know see what's going to happen. The secrets they know the first however, many plays on the script. They know what they've installed for the red zone. They know what every formation looks like they know out of which personnel package. The running this type of play. They know the calls. They know the signals everything is fully telegraphed the quarterback might as well tell the defense. Now, this is what we're running here. This is what you know. So you really expanding upon the whole. Mole premise. Yes. That is what triggered that? At my months. Do you think thirty five nothing becomes a competitive game too full game wins? Do you think at best? It's thirty five twenty. I mean first off you're not telling Colgate. What North Dakota state's doing on defense, actually, the bigger bigger problems? So I don't think it changes the outcome. Maybe North Dakota state. I mean, they might be wondering over they force. You know, they played by twenty eight. But the problem was the game that we saw was that it really was not competitive. The better team was North Dakota state. Yeah. And I think it starts up front with their defensive line. We're not gonna do any deep analysis here. But Colgate was just so over matched while the offense side of the ball going up against that defensive lines. Even if they knew everything that the bison, we're gonna do was telegraph that don't think writing much difference. Yeah. I I think probably score a couple of times sending force turnovers, but don't convert in the red zone because you're right. The big problem for vogue. It was. It took a superhuman effort from their defense this season to become a top ten ranked MCS seem right to overcome the fact that they're passing it just didn't really exists against the better teams on their schedule. I know they had some nice passes last week against in Addison. But it was it was nonstarter. So let me let me ask you this. Yeah. Kinda get into this. We were talking about this the bagel shop for we hopped in the car to make this journey back to Minneapolis, fourteen and a half points hypothetical sprint. Yup. I'm going to say we're playing the game in the Fargo dome in Argo in Fargo, which is both different and less daunting of a smaller crowd beloved her imminent, some pieces than live opponents on the road. So let's go through big ten teams about you. Tell me who you would take to cover fourteen and a half in the far we'll start. He's would you take Michigan and Ohio State? Yes, fishing, and Ohio State are at least two touchdowns better in the Fargo dome in the farther them to buy them. Yes. Penn State and say had trouble with abstinence lives. It's I would take that game was in beaver stadium apps legitimately good that you can slick it abstained say into the sunbelt champs. You can't look at state and say like imagine strolling apps eight now, they're. Struggle. Rutgers. Exemple of Penn State looking flat against the team. That doesn't have the talent and say would I take Penn State to cover on the road? Yes. I think I would eventually they win that game because of the line play and because of players like mile Sanders in K J hamblur who even if the offense not rolling like it should be with trace McSorley? They can turn eight into eight. Yes. Michigan state. No, no, why Michigan say definitively does something extremely poorly in that's play offense..

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