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Fuck that. Supposed to mean bobby fish and anthony. Green battle in the match fish basically just went full. he'll and Being was being the shibata green until seeing punk rant in yeah it's This is basically is almost like a a retirement tour when you want to see someone with the hits and you just have sierra punk wrestling. Anybody that comes to his way. This might be what is looking like. This might look like punk this fighting everybody before. He finally says he decides. I'm not going to be doing this shit anymore. So they just don't want him in all fantasy booking matches fire pro. Fuck in two. Touquet fucking mattresses ship eddie kingston and lance archer battle in the tournament in which this match was Jim ross was say bowling shoe ugly. This was Halloween mask hideous to the point. It was. I'm not a fan of this. This this this audience member getting used as a prop during a match stu- it doesn't make sense. It's not real. Then you get archer doing a fucking moves on it landing on his fucking head. Why a big men doing this y. At first i thought he was able to block it. Because of the way. That the the angle that i saw. It looked like he blocked it. But then i watch the fan angle cat in the camera. View that the fan hat and offer. Yeah he took. He took one bad he was able to finish. Finish the match. Roll up Eddie went wins the match and events in an well then it was a big cluster. Fuck fucking promo with America's top team guevarra announcing a match semi. We're going to get the page if sammy wins. He gets a pin members. He wants phase. On the line of page wins he gets anti title and he sent me has to leave the circle. Too convoluted for me. It was way too much going on and then a lot of cursing groman kirk cursing for no reason makes them sound immature and makes him sound childlike. I was watching a video. The other day of any indy wrestling and commentators just shoot profanity like if this is the first time they've ever been allowed to see cuss words. There's no emotion to it is just. I'm gonna say fuck because i can say fuck. Oh shit i can say shit. Nobody even talks like that. It's it's ridiculous. Hangman apologized to the dark order leaving the way he did any thanks for having his back he just gave them a pep talk about the upcoming max for the halloween dynamite. Miro's looking really good. I'm really like vignettes. And his promos. The whole god thing. I need to go home to my wife. I can leave this way if i have to fight a hundred men and break one hundred necks. I must do that so i could return home to her. I love it. I fucking love. It's fucking great and finally we get Cody rhodes and malachi black match. Is this your way of trying to fuck it. Put cody ova because the fans in having it and for me. I don't give a shit. It's just it's just blair. Even even he. I think he's even forgot what it is. That tells a good story anymore. He comes into the ring. Nikki looked like he wanted to rush. Malachi before bell star. But you know there was like a stutter there. And then when he finally the bell rang they they did like a really aggressive lockup. And it's like who the fuck an aggressive lockup throw punches beat it it was it was This was very hit and literally because there's a lot of spots they didn't hit an finally we get Cody rose defeating monica black. And they lied. Iota comes in and tried to school. Cody but Pot comes in and does the the save. Looks like this is leading up to going. What's going possibly attacked. He match at full gear. I guess and That wraps up dynamite as well as wraps up the week say my. Mvp of the week has to be brought. Leser that fucking guys over fuck. David is a close second. Even though i didn't want to win but brock listener is my mvp of the week and Before i let you guys go. I always have to say a little thing for you guys a little a little little sharing of knowledge. Halloween is coming up the children who listen to the podcast show. You check their candies. This fucking weirdoes out there especially nowadays motherfuckers. He's gonna probably sit there and cough on your kids candies or fruits and shit and be stupid. You just gave you covert. It'd be very careful. Beware full of Assholes jerk offs. Because you know people do dumb shit. People are ridiculous after listening and watching a lot of stupidity going on this day in the world. I really i really worry for the future. Not for my child per se because my child is actually excelling in education and being conscious of things around her. I'm just talking about the rested arrested. He's mouth focus out here. Who are getting dumber by the fucking day. It's almost that your brain has has become. Mush is almost as though it's as dense as a wet sponge. And you're just getting dahmer and more naive by the day. And i only hope that some of you wake the fuck up and realize that there's more to life than just sitting on social media bitching and moaning about shit see the world pick up a book. Read a magazine stop worrying about what the fuck next person is and what they're doing. Just do you fucking educate yourself. It's never too late to learn as always make sure you check out all the social media outlets fos instagram. Facebook twitter youtube talk all the fields and also check out all the podcasting outlets as well as things connected to the rachel family and those that are connected to the range world and make sure you check out. Typical tablet is always. I'm hose jada ed. Sandy take a bum guys. I'm.

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