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A little more widespread in the state to help other communities police state eagle eyed beat officers and tips from neighbors have been the key to the crackdown hopefully the messages just do what's required by the law have you vehicle registered where it needs to be registered and mer Baldelli hunt said she thinks there might be a decrease in out of state plates if the state continues with its face out of the car tax here in Rhode Island but she says even if that does happen they will continue their crackdown on these out of state plates because they say it's also a public safety issue including from Eyewitness News Paul Edward Parker in today's Providence journal says a spokesperson for General Dynamics electric boat said it's difficult right now to say how many of the thirteen thousand people it's gonna hire over the next eight years and it's Rhode Island and Connecticut shipyards can be attributed to the navy's awarding of a twenty two point two billion dollar contract to build nine additional Virginia class fast attack submarines so back in two thousand eleven with the company and its construction partner Huntington Ingalls industries of incorporated Newport news Virginia when they xcelerated Virginia class construction from one body year to to the company at eleven thousand employees since then the companies hired fifteen thousand people according to a spokesperson but that has raised the total work force to only seventeen thousand because many of those tires were to fill the jobs of people who had retired to right now up in the air the jobs impact of V. B.'s new sub contract is quite unclear it's now seven forty which is the roadways into the traffic center once again check in with John hamlet brought to us by Sylvania automotive busier propositional from Almaden servers Avenue in ninety five north with a fair run a company now and from the trail of Broadway threes Providence of one ninety five less dean until be delays in the six ten can actor in ninety five south is gotten heavier down from Lonsdale Avenue and Pataki with your southern New England traffic what it's headlight savings time again the perfect time to replace your older dimmer basic headlight bulbs with a whiter brighter Sylvania bulbs so you can see more of the road during the darkest nights of the year is it head light savings time dot com to find the right clothes for you the forecast is powered by Duncan you can get holiday and it don't get with two dollar medium LaFace cappuccinos in americanos from two till six PM and here's the storm team ten meteorologist Christina earning today temperatures head into the low forties with a gusty winds that'll make you feel like the low to middle thirties all dates guys turn partly cloudy to mostly clear the pick of the week Friday clouds increase through the afternoon we'll see.

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