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Probably tell from my suit and my shirt and green tie, Saint Patrick's Day. Makeup, still in full makeup, didn't have time to take it off, rushed here, got here as quickly as I could. We had, do I look smooth? Am I not shining under the lights? That's the main goal with this bald head. You got to get enough powder on it to make sure you don't shine under the lights. We had Tobin Anderson on CBS Sports Network tonight and I used that opportunity to ask him about your conversation with him back in January, not as got the clip. Let's roll that now. Toby and Gary Parrish here, I gather, you had a conversation back in January with my colleague David Cobb about the possibility of maybe when Purdue was ranked number one in the country, playing Purdue in a one versus 16 matchup. And you guys actually, you know, talk through it. How surreal is it to be sitting here in March after actually living through that game and then finishing on this side of it? Yeah, David and I were laughing about an officer. What would happen if you played against Zach and yes, I will have to triple team him quadruple the team have said the whole team and him, whatever we were laughing and joking all of a sudden it came through. I'm like, oh my God, we got to go do this now, so amazing. Just to walk out there and see them and see how good they are and I got tremendous respect for Purdue and how they do things. So, you know, we understood the challenge at hand. It was an unbelievable challenge, but it was in hot guys just played terrific. I mean, I just I couldn't believe how well we played and, you know, it's what makes March Madness so special and the NCA tournament so special is a chance for a team like us. If we played up a hundred times, they'd probably be this 98 99 times per one time or one chance to punch her chance. We got it done tonight and that makes it, later in that interview, you know, we talked about a number of things. But one of the points I subsequently made is that this is to me the neatest thing about the NCAA tournament and really college basketball in general. If we were in the first round of the NFL playoffs right now and we were NFL podcasters or whatever. We would be talking about things that in some form we've been talking about all year long. It'd be Joe burrow would be Lamar Jackson. It'd be Patrick Mahomes, whatever. If we were in the Major League Baseball playoffs right now and we were podcasting about baseball. We would be talking about some things that we've talked about already. I write about this sport, talk about this sport, podcast, radio interviews, television. I don't know that I've said 20 words about fairly Dickinson all season long, and yet now fairly Dickinson is the biggest story in this sports postseason, at least right now. And I genuinely don't think that's anything you could get in any other mainstream sport in America. Back to the idea that this was the greatest upset in incidentally tournament history. From a point spread perspective, Purdue was a 23 point favorite over fairly Dickinson in this game. Virginia was only a 20 and a half point favorite over UMBC. So technically speaking, this is a bigger upset than that one versus 16. The only other one versus 16 that we've seen the 16 win in the history of the sport. Some other notable things about fairly Dickinson, they come from a one bit league where the conference tournament champion is going to get the automatic bin. 'cause I'm not here because Mary Mack is an eligible for the NCAA tournament. Fairly Dickinson didn't win. I mean, I guess technically they won their way to the championship game, and that was good enough, given the opponent. But they did not win their conference tournament to get here the way every other school in a one bid league has to do it. Fairly Dickinson Jay billis pointed this out on Twitter, ranks 300 and heading into the game, ranked 353rd in the nation in adjusted defensive efficiency. And three 152nd in two point field goal percentage defense, heading into a game against Zack Edie. And produce scored 58 points. What? UMBC, by the way, in 2018, entered the game against Virginia, a 188th at Ken palm, fairly Dickinson entered this game 299th at Kim pom. And I want to give credit where credit's due. At Joe stannard on Twitter, tweeted this out earlier and it got retweeted into my timeline. I thought it was interesting. He tweeted that if you put 2023 fairly Dickinson on a neutral court against 2018 UMBC, according to Ken pom, UMBC would be a 7 point favorite over fairly Dickinson. And so analytics man analytics, you can not measure you can not measure the heart, Gary. You can not measure the heart of the united. You know what is a shame though, Gary? Saint Peter's was the peacocks. And the peacocks had a great noise associated with them. How do you, how do you be a knight? I mean, I don't know how to be a knight. I need armor. I guess I would need it starts with armor. I think becoming a armor. So you just can't, I mean, I bet you can at 1 a.m. in New York City find armor somewhere. I don't know where to get armor this time of night. And even if it's fairly Dickinson, Gary, if fairly Dickinson, wins against Florida Atlantic and advances to the sweet 16, will you do a podcast yet with at least one piece of flight armor? If I can find full night armor, I will wear full night armor

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