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So sign up for his own get that and watched him as informed fight us, the Amazon linked to do all your shopping through that link. It costs you nothing. But we do get a little kickback every time you use that link. Also, we are possibly doing a special show over in the UK if everything right? It's spilling all of these. I'm a big believer TV. And so on. If everything goes, right? And and everything will be over there in the UK. We come in the yard. We're trying to make it a surprise. But I guess Mike. My. But. I'm into us, so possibly rain code. That's that's as far as you put these throw, water and beer. We've you. I didn't even get that. I I'm score. When I get there. I'm gonna bring a raincoat anyway, because you know, push these bleed. So I just don't wanna get wet and border wars. More fifteen. Mario is going to be in the rain. Maybe the main event Eric cruise versus my guy Jose Jose something from. Canetti jose. Today, we doing film study Tuesday's on Canadian Jose's fi, we're going to expose the truth. And if you wanna see a good main event, I'm telling these guys have no love loss is going to be a nice nice fight. Let's go Margaret got a I know my my guy Anthony from natty. But I don't think Anthony got what it takes to overthrow. Mario Anthony Anthony was up at four in the morning. So my two days. Ooh. For the morning. I've been doing today. I didn't Ramos sponsor, you could say you, you ain't tech. You know, what I was working because I was working, right? You only good for the only thing good. My phone good for is playing my music. Oh, my. Ignore. Ignore. Because I stay working when I get my on responded when When I'm in I'm the in the gym, gym. you know, what would have been the the best you know, how to Sykes that is at that. Same time in the morning like you said, you know, full he can answer he was working the minute. He stopped all sweaty drill picture because what awards chapel outta then why it would have been good as he was fucking sleeping counting sheet because he for Manchester. We're going out to I will power for Pasa porter on the in the Noli. What up? Veiled, come on with it Telhami. I don't understand the psychology behind this. What he's trying to say about Eddie. There's only with three or four big players in the industry..

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