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Brian lehrer on wnyc and with us now is christiane amanpour cnn's chief international correspondent and host of her show on cnn and pbs if you haven't heard the news yet her pbs show is being made permanent after these months of temporary scheduling where the trolley low show used to be we'll talk to christiane now about the media and the world thanks for coming on again christiane when it's a great pleasure and i think i've sort of become part of your public broadcasting family welcome you should have been here a long time ago can you tell us what the new show will be well he's going to be four pbs called i'm important company which means i'll continue to do these media interviews that i've been doing it as an interim basis since december since early december and then it will incorporate four at the moment highly regarded highly experienced contributors who definitely a well known to the pbs and public public broadcasting audience to radio etc for instance michelle martin walter isaacson hari sreenivasan and alicia menendez and i think it's a really good group of diverse views and cultural references and the kind of context they can add to what i've been doing over the last last many months that's the same michelle martin who's our own weekend all things considered host dot believe it is is cnn and pbs be airing the same show yes they will that is the objective at the moment and currently they do the same show it's not it's cnn international so i my my show which is on cnn national called import is broadcast around the world and on cnn go wherever you are and obviously online etc but with the new move to an hour that also is is being preview to err on cnn international as well as on pbs it's really interesting actually is a public network who's audiences in the us cnn international as you were just saying as a commercial network whose audiences almost everywhere almost everywhere but the us programmers would traditionally put different content on for those audiences heli so both at once well no you know it it may be right what you're saying about different know targeting etc but i am sort of in the cnn dna i've been cnn since nineteen eighty eighty three my career on s started before they even was cnn international you know it was a on cnn.

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