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I wish that my memory didn't work this way. But I think it's a coach's memory is. I remember all the negative stuff and only very little of of the positive stuff. And so what I remember there is we were up game one. We had made major comebacks in. Both of those games on the road against Cleveland. Like we were down twenty in the first half of both of those games and had come back. And so we're up to on the shot. Lebron makes and and this doesn't happen. All the time. We actually had prepared for the play. They ran really and talked about it in the huddle. Like we had an idea on the late. So what Mike Brown used to like to do on that play? They would go to pin down for LeBrun, and he would start up hard and then try to back cut to the rim innate through the lob. They had gotten that on Indiana earlier in the year. I mean that was the play in a low clock situation. So we were locked in Turku was locked in on the play. We had talked about it. He he did such a good job of taking away the layup in LeBron had to come up. So he tried to get the back door. Couldn't get it comes up. You're right. He does. He does try. I'm watching tries to get right into his. Yes. Well, we knew exactly what was coming. And then he came up and ends up the three to beat us. And so I remember everything about the play what we should've done in a low clock situation as we should have been tracking LeBron with the guy on the inbound or knowing that Turkoglu was going to do his job and take away the lob. So we weren't gonna we didn't need great pressure on the ball and been there to make the pass to LeBron tough. We didn't. Do that. And what bothered me about it is we had a chance to go up to that could have been a play that ended up costing us the series and a coaching decision. And that's how I felt about it right afterwards that I just pissed away the best opportunity we were going to have to go to the NBA finals. Now at ended up that what we pissed away was a chance to sweep that series because we played really well the rest of the series. But it's funny. I in a series that we won that play sticks. With me. I can't name you anything else specifically on a play that happened in that series. And I remember that. What's the locker room? Like after that. Did you say something do need to say something did you fly out of Cleveland back to Orlando that night and just let everyone she'll on the planet. What do you do in a moment? Like that. We did look for me. I it's tough. I just made sure everybody knew that are execution down the stretch both often simply to take the lead and defensively on that play was exactly what we'd set up. I told them what we should done and would do in that kind of situation again in that it was in that it was my mistake, and we moved on. And so I was sort of. Not sort of. I I was really down after that. You know, you go up to oh. On the road. I mean, it's going to be tough to beat you. And we had played well against Cleveland for the two years that I had been in Orlando up to that time anyway. But you know, what our guys players are a lot better bouncing back, then coaches anyway, in my opinion, and our guys what they took from that series is were just better than this team. They needed a miracle shot to get one game at home against us. We're better than they are. And they went with great confidence into game three and then game four. So my perspective was not their perspective. Thankfully that statistically is one of LeBron's two or three best series over thir- thirty eight nine and nine. I think you know, he was fabulous. But. You know, part of that was our plan. So blame it on me. But all the times that I had coached against LeBron particularly at that point in his career. We always chose to try to make him score the ball rather than pass it, you know..

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