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My friend. All right. We'll go to another commercial here. And we'll be back with Ron burgundy podcast. My partner in here. Carolina is upset with me because I'm on fair all day getting cars. I know I'm supposed to use the app just to get one car, but darn it. If this thing isn't to dictate fair makes it so easy to just get a car without buying one. You want another one and then another one or in my case fifteen and guess what? If I don't like the car I got on fair. I can get rid of it. People have always known me as a big shot. But now, they see me in a different car every other day and say there goes Ron burgundy the biggest shot around something like that. Who am I kidding? I don't know if people are saying when I drive past that stupid, you're moving too fast, and you can't hear anyway, don't buy a car. Don't get alone. Get a car on your phone with fair. That's FA. I are fair. Just Dylan run burgundy said you. Back Ron burgundy, podcast and Carolina. I I'm not gonna say I told you so but this poetry episode was never going to work out. I think the sound machine was unfortunate circumstance that we had to deal with. And I think it wasn't going to go away. I'm sorry. Right. 'cause we were at cross purposes. I mean today burned into my brain was the sound effects episode in the new spring this poetry thing on me. Okay. Well, I, you know, I think we should send him at apology lead our bottle of actually I'm looking through my my calendar here, my hard copy calendar book that I keep. Brother. What's going on you right circled and starred poetry episode today? Yeah. Some. Thank you after. Yes holiday. He's got the stakes waiting for him. Yes. Oh, I know cinema sound machine. Yes. He'll love that. It's kind of kind of a slam don't present. If you asked me, I don't think he's gonna appreciate that. Especially after today's episode. I think it will actually probably upset him. Yeah. Okay. That was the last one that totally was. Yeah. This one's gonna be having one factor. Let's fact, check absolutely I'm just going to run through a couple of these game of thrones, nap, throwing games completely understandable share people. Mix up all the time. The series is not sponsored by Tylenol or any other Asuka company. Hug.

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