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A radio address. Reagan said quote. One thing is certain. The threat of hunger to the russian people is due to the soviet obsession with military power. Nothing proves the failure of marxism more than the soviet union's inability to produce weapons for its military ambitions and at the same time provide for their people's everyday needs in nineteen seventy six. Reagan said quote the russians know. They can't match us industrially or technologically during another radio address in the seventies. Reagan talked about reaching out to soviet citizens saying we quote could have an unexpected ally if citizen ivan is becoming discontented enough to start talking back. Maybe we should drop a few million. Typical mail order cadillacs on minks and pinks in moscow to wet their appetites. Reagan seem to be saying that those millions of people behind the iron curtain might be coaxed into rising up against their oppressors. If they knew just how bad they had it and how much better democracy and capitalism could be in nineteen eighty. Reagan gave an interview where he said quote they know that if we turned our full industrial might into an arms race they cannot keep pace with us. Why haven't we played that card. According to ronald reagan's close aide and his first national security advisor. Richard alan reagan told him in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven quote. My idea of american policy toward the soviet union is simple and some would say simplistic it is this we win and they lose their those who believe that. Richard alan was telling the truth. And those who believe that. He was. Exaggerating reagan's role as a mastermind who orchestrated the end of the cold war regardless of what one believes. It's clear that reagan believed in something that few experts did that. The soviet union was weak and was at risk of collapsing in his first year. In office reagan repeatedly spoke of some sort of end to soviet communism at a commencement address in notre dame in may nineteen eighty one. Reagan said the following the years. The years ahead are great ones for this country. The cause of freedom and the spread of civilization the west won't contain communism.

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