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System. If your opponent doesn't have one, come back to the desk in alone. You won't play starts in 20 minutes. What's your rating? I don't have a rating. Have you ever played in determined before? No. Are you sure you want to do this? I'm sure way. Don't have a woman section I'll put you beginners. Not a beginning. Doesn't matter. If you're an unrated player, you're going beginners with people under 1600 was the price for beginners. 20. What about the other section? First prize in the open is 100 Is it against a new world for me to be in the open? Not exactly. Put me in the open. Emily, What did you think about the Queen's gambit? I really enjoyed the Queen's camp Itand you Taylor Joy who plays the lead character. We just heard her talking. There is one of my favorite actors working right now, and she is just fantastic to watch in this her micro expressions when you just sort of focus on her face and close up. Just tell the whole story, And it's such an involving story to its hits. All the beats. You'd expect of a coming of age story or an underdog sports movie. So it's kind of this weird combination of something like you know my so called life and then something like Rocky and like, I don't know how those two tastes work together, but they work together perfectly. But it is a drama about chess e. I mean, why do you think it's become such a hit? I think that it is really good at portraying chest in a way where you feel like you understand it without having to know all the ins and outs. When you watch this. You get sort of a working knowledge of the stuff that you need to know about chess, but it doesn't sit there and explain every game and how it works. And yet There's a wonderful Twitter threat that explains all of the chest theory and like it all totally holds up. It all totally makes sense. So if you are a chess expert, there will be a lot to enjoying the show. But if you're like me, and I've never played chess like you can watch it just as a story about unlikely come from behind victory by this young woman. Talking to Emily Vander Work critic at large for Box Brooke Obie Award winning film critic and author and Eric Deggans TV critic for NPR. In a moment, we'll hear well here, Brooks critiques of the Queen's gambit, and we'll also continue to hit list with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Re union and a new batch of holiday movies on generally, this is one A from W.

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