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So the for the dates to keep in mind in late January, a conservative journalists in Washington D. C. was found to have gained access to the White House press pool despite using a fake name, and despite the fact that he wants work is the high priced homosexual escort. Jeff Gannon was a white. House correspondent for Talon News who regularly attended white, house press briefings, and at least four press conferences with President George W Bush who also comes up in the in the pull up a few episodes guy. So again, this this this is running directly parallel, which is amazing after riot into the details of this case. On January twenty, six, two, thousand, and five. Gannon asked a question of the president that was so friendly in factually inaccurate that some of his colleagues began looking into his background talent news it was learned is largely disguised tool of the Republican Party and cannons credentials as a journalist consist solely of a training course at Leadership Broadcast School of Journalism. After two days of training costs fifty dollars getting was officially a graduate of a journalism school in on his way to the White House press pool. That's ridiculous. How easy it was for him to do. It was soon discovered that Gannon's real name is Jeff Gucker that's G. U. C. K. E. R. T., and that he has also gone by the nickname bulldog. When listing himself on the Internet as he homosexual escort and personal trainer charging around two hundred dollars per hour for his discreet services. Gannon was removed from the White House and resigned from Talon News on February eight. Ganden Gate quickly became the presidential scandal of the hour though the story faded from public view as most do almost all do as politicians and the media eagerly turned their attention as such pressing matters as steroids in baseball and the Terri Schiavo's situation back at that time. But before long internet bloggers had picked up the story and began to think back to the administration of the President Bush's father. which was rocked by scandal that allegedly involved the high level official giving private late night tours of the White House two teenage male prostitutes again, something that I mentioned and got into in the pull up a few episodes. So this is this is really amazing. Taft somebody else writing about the same information and backing it up. The New York Times and the Washington. Post both wrote about the story in the eventual death. Washington lobbyists Craig Spence who reported the Lee arranged visits Spence. It has been suggested was preparing to admit publicly that he was using the teenage boys to blackmail high power politicians in the beltway. He committed suicide before you had the opportunity to do. So how many of you believe he committed suicide there? Okay, right. With. A dislike Epstein committed suicide. All of the stuff is connected folks. With the gay escort gaining access to the White House during Bush administration while many of the same officials from the eighties are back in power. The question became is there a connection private investigators? Sherman H Skolnick posted a story about the Gannon debacle on www dot rennes dot com a site known for its conspiracy theories and publicly stated on February nineteen that Gannon is Johnny Gosh..

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