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Sixty frames per second game play the requirements for the service are detailed an interview with did. And they said we use less than that. But that's put a recommended limit. And then to get to when we launched we will be able to get four K, but only raise that band with about thirty megabits per second. That's a pretty intense internet speed with average speeds across the United States being fifteen to twenty megabits obviously, there are some areas that have better access like I'm one of the lucky few that has access to fiber here at the what's game studio in the bay area. So I can get a thousand megabits per second. That is an anomaly right same. Most people are paying for around ten to twenty megabits per second. I mean think about how much we travel. If you've been in an as many hotel wifi joins is I have like it's usually like to to five if you're looking real bet. But that just means you're not playing in four K. Right. You're playing you're playing at a lower recipes. The twenty five. So I mean, not every game is at ten eighty p for the most part if you're playing a video game you expect it to be attended p now. So I had tweeted, of course, Google was going to bring the goods when it comes to tack. Of course, they're going to support for k sixty France for second because who's launching a new gaming platform that doesn't right, but. Ten is doing their own thing. You can do is they want right? So I think intendo is a good example of how something like stadium could work by not necessarily going on trend. But I think where I'm concerned as an intendo has come from decades of established first party software in their first party softwares. What sells their hardware through and through every generation that Nintendo. See success is because people love Mario people love smash brothers people love Zelda. Right. And and so I think in Pok Mon right animal crossing exactly we could we keep going because they have such a amazing collection in the library of software. And that's what Google is missing. And obviously they've brought Jade on to head up the studio Meghan. What do you think about Jade and her position in what she can bring to the table for stadium? I mean, Jade Jade is a game maker. She started her curse. A programmer you just call it stadium. Sit stadia, oh, I thought you said stadium. Well, I mean the word as if I was mumbling. I apologize. A tip jar. Whenever one of us calls it by the wrong name or stadium that we put something in. That's all I'm saying so strict when for Andrea I said Sadia, it might have been mumbled. I wasn't paying attention. Okay. Thank you. Dog in this race? So J J is seasons game developer, and she has been wanting to make games her entire career. So she's going to take this and run with it and make everyone proud. I don't really know. What else to say? I don't know any. I didn't know she was going to Google until everyone else did. And I think that she's gonna do some pretty exciting stuff with your history. Knowing so many game makers and game developers. How long do you think is going to be with j just really coming into this role before something that she has really kind of pushed across the finish line is actually going to be playable. I mean, three years like a minimum. Yeah. Yeah. Three years. So it'll be interesting to see what Google does with their partners because if they are going to launch a sphere, which they said they are targeting twenty nineteen for launch. They clearly have to come at with third-party partnerships Steiner. Do you see particular developer or publisher that is more poised to want to work with Google? Google lots of money. Make your rain on everybody. I mean, they've also everyone working for them are seasoned game developers. Phil Harrison, John, Trenton, all these people buying the scenes are people that you've known for years. I mean, Jackie's, okay. Sure. That sounds right. You know, they have contacts they have, you know, they're they're not gonna have any problem. That's true. I've just heard some rumblings..

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