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They decide to play. Any of the guys day two can have at least one chance in a counterattacking game. Okay. Because they are quick, fast. I didn't say that that intervene is a better place than I didn't say that. I just say that as far as speed, as far as who can cover more ground in one of the faster he is one of the fastest guy. And let me ask you a question. A lot of talk, especially from our colleagues on the portes at Tata martino, may switch from a nominal 9 to a 9 that's more league hero, like an Alexis Vega or a two kilo Sano. Do you recommend this 9 to be one of those players? Or will you go with a Henri Martin? I would recommend a fast player here. A fast player. You can always like today. Even Brazil, they have the fastest guys up front, right? For them, rafinha. And those are the guys that they go out from rechargeable. So I don't think that he's quick, but they went the wingers have to be the fastest guy on the 11th. And then you decide what to do with these two guys. Could be the ones that organize the team, but please do not live here. Stay there. Who's this guy? There it is. Great to have you with us here on football America. We got to send you over to the football picante, but you know you're always welcome here. And we're always learning in your presence. And I like to be here. There it is.

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