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And it turns out it's not. It's not a problem. Uh, yeah, and and at the Washington Post, they're not going to write the story about the State Department spokesman spokeswoman Julian reporter and her insane, detached from reality Racists. Crazy anti police rants because that's okay. When you're a Democrat. They're all anti police. They're anti police. And I was I was talking about it a while ago. But it bears repeating my best girl when I spent time last night with a police officer A No, I don't want to give a lot more detail than that. But a police officer who explained was out at the shooting range with police friends, and they have those targets. Paper targets that About the size of a person to cut out a silhouette of a person, usually in blue, often in blue or in black. And somebody had paper targets made up with a with a target in the shape of a leg. The whole thing is just a leg is see. Instead of this hill or whatever person it's the silhouette of a leg because of Joe Biden's ingenious recommendation that police should shoot Suspects, unarmed suspects attacking them with knives in the leg. No, because that's the That's why Joe Biden would have it. You should shoot them in like so now my police friends, air training with paper targets that have the shape of a leg so they can familiarize themselves with with all this good stuff, that's what they do. The Washington Post is owned by Dr Evil, the richest man in the world, and it's a Democrat press release every day. The this is the story wasn't able to get to yesterday. Washington Post has a an architecture critic. He criticizes architectures for a living. That's what he does his entire career. Was dedicated to criticizing buildings and things that said his name is Philip Kennecott. I assume it's Philip Throckmorton Kennecott the third and he goes by trip or something like that Deathless went to very nice private schools in New England. And the story that he wrote is headlined. Trump wants a library. He must never have one. That's the Washington Post there, a little bitter. They're kind of bitter. It's like like No jilted ex boyfriend or something. They really are. Just they're very, very unwell. These people he should never have. He must never have won my my plan all along. And I think it would have been a really good idea, actually. Was the Newseum. You see the news media, they built a museum to themselves. It was on Pennsylvania Avenue overlooking the U. S Capitol and between the White House and the Capitol. They went bankrupt naturally, because left is to run it and they were, you know, sucking the cash out of billionaire hedge fund managers and things like that, and And they went bankrupt anyway, and they charged to get in there. The National Gallery of Earth is right across the street, the most spectacular art in the world in the history of the world, and you can walk in there for free. And then the Newseum. They wanted a church 15 bucks or something because he a clip of Walter Cronkite saying, that's the way it is, And naturally, they went bankrupt. Now it's a big building in a nice building a Mayan. My planet might have been. My guest Best girls plan actually was that President Trump should have bought the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue overlooking the Capitol and turn that into his presidential library? That it would have been a thumb in the eye to the press. It was a brilliant idea. It's too bad that it didn't happen. But it's good stuff on they. They're very bitter. At the Washington Post, Philip Throckmorton Kenneth got the third, Uh, the former President Donald Trump will have an official portrait in the National Portrait Gallery. At some point, he writes, with bitterness dripping from his keyboard and in states where he remains popular, not states that Philip Throckmorton Kennecott the third would ever go to Honestly, it's like a character from MASH. He could have airports, bridges and schools named for him. But when left his takeover, they'll burn the schools down like they're doing in San Francisco, a naming whether Francis Scott Key George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln there, a naming schools. For all those people in San Francisco because they're a mob of violent rebel on their anti American, and they're angry with history. They're very angry with the past. They're they're not mentally well, they're not. But Trump must never have an official presidential library and Congress should move quickly to make sure he never will. This is the This is really Banana Republic. Third world stuff At the same time. 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