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Welcome back. It is the Ben Ferguson show. Let's get into here to your phone calls. Get your reaction to some of what we've been telling about. And I want to go to Frank and thanks for waiting. You're on the Ben Ferguson show. Hi, frank. Go ahead. I make to statement. I I really think that they were very provoke, but added black, Hugh Hebrews. Who would they be thinking they being unable to we don't really we all really care for them. Because they they wait they way at all. You know, and they were saying some hard thing too young kids. What my feelings have. Because you know, what I'm saying? I think was very disrespectful. You know of them. You know, so I'm gonna call you. I mean, why is why do you think that than they do they treated this way? I mean, that's the part here. That's for me is how do you? How do you get? How do you get away with this? Right. I mean, how do you get away with this idea that you are, you know, as it was described there, which is with these kids the instigators blaming the kids, and it's all because they're conservative. It's all because they're conservative. Well, being you know, I'm I'm a black man. So for the being accused of something and being mid Jude. And then other people have just this this out how they look at something and said what they say, you know, we'll say without any counter with out in accounting of being about knowing what's really going on this. How people would be Jewish. So I don't understand how the kids might be. You know, well saying because you're not. A black man I real things like this. You know? So I feel bad for him. You know, you know, but you know world we live in a day. You know, it's like it, really. You know, I remember when shirts of Malcolm X school. They're stuff with getting being able people saying something about me, you know, while saying watch that way shirt. So, you know, I honestly, you know, but I'm gonna say the Hebrew would wanted really to me really was the calls. Listen to this. I'm glad that you're at least calling them out. I just really wish. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Been. Others would call them out because I'll have not been they have been they've been acting like even the even the today show gave them cover. Even the today show gave them cover by implying. That. Well, there was only as they said five of them. So really they're excused in their behavior because there's only five of them, right? I mean, there's just five of them. So with only five of them. No, one should really be up. You know, this shouldn't really be. I mean, there's five of them. So they should get a pass nothing to see here. Nothing really going on the kids still shouldn't have engaged because it was only. I mean to quote, savannah Guthrie India's. Let's get back to the interview here. Because when she was talking about this, man, she criticized the kids smirk or smile, she gets his fault, criticized. You know, there's so many of them and so few so many of these referring to the kids high school kids in so few of the black Hebrew racists. Let's get back to the interview listen to this conflict has caught the president's attention. He tweeted, but Sandman and his classmates were treated unfairly and have become.

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