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Ready to take your wordpress site to a new level without the warrior hassle of less robust solutions than i hope you visit studio press dot com over two hundred thousand bloggers webmasters trust studio press for their wordpress site and we work hard every day to earn it welcome back from the break everyone and today we have a very special friend of the show to enlighten us about building and growing a major digital agency so katie will you introduce our special friend yes today we have eric anga who is a very well known digital marketing expert he is the founder of stone temple marketing and many people know him as a keynote speaker and author and the host of our co host of here's why and we're so excited to have him on today to talk about his history was don't temple eric welcome to the show well thanks for having me looking forward to the sean in katie so let's put on a good one that's exactly right so this is what blows me away about you i cannot go anywhere in the digital marketing space especially around seo and not run into you and mark from your videos from your speeches that you give heck even your book the art of seo gives the defining the bible if you will for the seo industry and it just blows me away because if on from the outside looking in i don't know how you even have a business given how much exposure you have online and in person in the world so inform our audience a little bit about stone tim because i think they'll be blown away just how big organization is up.

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