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We are tied for the fourth time comes out to the left point mcnabb across for dates jensen around behind for alex talk talk to the puck away off one of the officials falls to the ice that was the referee mark jonet and how the capitals come out wilson's pants blocked off good stickwork by cody eakin biscuit him up the boards and out vegas barely caught with too many men once again i think they got away with it kenny now tuck took it away from wall off dropping it all pro shop by miller which was blocked by stevenson man racing back to make the play was team steel kept it away from chambliss stevenson battle for the pocket all the far board spiegel four stevenson and alex miller back the other way tonight's since the center now the capital free game control fifteen and a half remaining in the third period tied at four in game one of the stanley cup final capitals bouba puck down miller has it for the golden knights up the right side but not connect with the breaking no sick golden knights of ice watch the stanley cup final networks nbc there's nothing like playoff hockey kenny here's the thing that's standing out in this game the first goal was scored by miller on a shot from the point there was a screen in front but after that conley right in front of the net on a deflection backstrom.

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