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For newly adoptive parents I'm Margaret Carrero with that story state drug pricing laws lack any real power that story's coming up in five minutes when Bloomberg checks or money friends of a teen killed at a house party in our leader remember his love for his family those stories coming up in the next fifteen minutes but first traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five at three forty five usually set off to problems heading into this fall the past back up is building from the four oh five north bound at Skirball center where there's a stalled car in middle lanes now this is adding to the congestion from the secular on the four oh five north bound pass Getty center Dr were only the right lane on the right shoulder open seas please try to clear earlier accidents there because my driver going the wrong way now there are reports that some of you are getting kind of impatient with the backup and are turning around going south bound on the shoulder to try to go back to the Getty center Dr exit you know I know it's frustrating waiting in the back but all that really does is cause some confusion and chaos so we try to be patient if you cancel more accidents are because they're in north Hollywood if you're on the one seventy north bound trying to get off at the westbound victory exit want to watch out for car that is still stalled out this is on the left shoulder in north hills were if I southbound before north office car facing the wrong way in the carpool lane head over to when Dale on the two ten east bound before when Dale Avenue car hit the center divider and that one is stalled in the carpool lane and now there's also a singular in Inglewood still going on for the last hour or so this is caused by a driver also going the wrong way this is all in shut down on the one oh five east round out the four oh five north Redondo if you're trying to get on the four or five Inglewood Avenue you can't do that right now it is shut down because a car hit a guard rail your next reporters at three fifty five I Lisa golf with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio it's Sunday morning to you hope you enjoyed it yesterday's weather today it will be very similar with temperatures topping out mostly in the low seventies for many of our inland spots however by two night expect.

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