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This is perspective from abc news i'm cheri preston we've now passed the one hundred day mark and by that we mean there are less than one hundred days now until the only real social event of the year the royal wedding between terry and begging markel windsor castle this past week the couple visited scotland in wild the crowds she wore burberry shook hands and put it a shetland pony he was just airy the two of them making plans for the big day so let's talk about it with our favorite royal biographer and historian for that flick show the crown robert lacey robert this week it was announced that meghan and harrier planning a carriage ride after the ceremony through the streets of windsor correct echoed the wings is the queen's hometown and um it be it's like to have a wedding there but there were a couple of drawbacks them one of them is that they took charming country town of those got wonderful council and the middle of london when you think about it is is built as a professional way this is the mild boost the white this ytl each all set up for royal weddings and you don't get that in country towns and so they've had to invent a professional way by creating a boost in the in the great talk and so we're hoping the weather will be good and um that's one problem the other problem is that sinn george's chapel in wins ah he's he's quite small um but british royal wedding stand to seventy runs eight hundred guests and in the way in the end the after you can get 1600 and thinking about modern royals is it's not just say goodbye other relatives and friends they also have a lot of charities and good causes they worked out a way whereby the guests from charities and so on we'll get special access inside wins the council they may not be able to sit in the chapel but they'll have their own special contact with with make an harry of course and so.

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