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This is the time to reach out to the travel advisers and have them help you as the world opens back up again but today what we're gonna be talking about our three locations so we're talking about dominican republic but are going to be talking about not a typical all inclusive. It is a luxury property. And then we're talking about turks and caicos. Okay so the same properties that i talked about in my episode on turksancacoes says we'll give you highlight if you're looking into turks and caicos which i all i would. I recommend to all of you guys. You need to go to keiko's it needs to be on your bucket list. You will never see more beautiful turquoise water than there then go and listen to that it's to episodes prior to this and i just went there in may so i can help you with all your questions that you may have and then the last location that we're gonna talk about on. This episode is saint bars. So if you're looking for a smaller property that's more your jam than you really want to hear what heidi has the same what property she mentions so i hope you guys are getting excited about the world opening back up again and traveling again. This is a very exciting time. It just makes me happy to see everyone traveling again. So reach out to me if you need how. Here's the thing it's free to use me. I get paid by the vendor or the wholesalers. So really is a win win. So i hope you guys really get inspired by some of these locations and properties that we talk about today and again feel free to reach out to me to ask any questions he heidi thank you so much for coming on the show today Thanks for having me amber. Nice to hear your voice again. yes i know. it's so good to talk to you So i start off every show with an icebreaker on travel since i am a travel agent I do love asking all my guess..

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