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Ben Cohen would be walking there. Wouldn't be any plea deal. Necessary that wouldn't be the case. Your guy would get? Full immunity so what? Are you what are you saying Lanny Davis says you're either lying Or you're the? Worst lawyer ever well? It turns out he was lying The whole thing had. Just these massive massive gaping, holes in them and the the. Story, line and now we know why Am I question is What's compelling Lanny Davis to, tell the truth now Bisi telling the truth now well. We had quite if you're listening to this show. We had, questions when he started making these statements we said this doesn't make sense the intensity of his promotion of what his client has against Donald Trump does not make sense in the light of, his client pleading guilty to, so many different infractions including the campaign finance violations which were still not sure what the act this specific crime was and. Many other lawyers who have a lot more up probably a lot more heck of a lot more time in law school than we ever have, because I've had none looked at it and said did he? Plead guilty to a crime, that he, didn't commit and from the very beginning we're, like what kind of attorney is Lanny Davis says doesn't, seem to make any sense if. You Have this because of the intensity of how he? Was promoting it if you, have this, kind of information if your client against Donald, Trump why are you pleading guilty to anything Because his impression was we're going to take down the president right well if you. Truly could take down the president you, and being pleading guilty to probably, any of what you pleaded guilty to You would have used that you would have used that Karya that Trump card You would. You would have pulled. That out and said this. Is the real Trump card I'm going to use. I, get off at anything I give you the president of the United. States, yeah on collusion, with the, Russians to. Hacked the election end of story well, tell her wins, Democrats win you win you get out of all of. Your? You know you you walk on all the income tax evasion and everything right And, so we, said something. Stinks here it didn't make any sense, and we were. Correct what didn't make sense Lanny Davis was lying about everything And so now the question is Is he telling the truth now is he backing off of. These lies because he's being threatened With legal action Because. Think about this if you saw that if you're one of Muller's team and you saw that The first thing that would happen Is that you would. Say Mr. Muller we need to, we need to call Lanny Davis find out if he's got something that you know statement that is client wants to make right mother words. Put up or shut up, basically but if you're making. Those those were not small claims Think about the size of, the things he was saying Well Muller's team would. Reach out immediately What, have you got? A, well I we you know. What, I I don't really have anything Because at some point you are going to have to produce something Cohen is going. To have to sit down and? Talk with, Muller if it? Were, if it had been true Really this is this is the. Whole thing is that he made it sound like Cohen was was getting in the car right then, to go over to my office and sit down and give them a statement I have a question to ask is something in the water that lawyers drinking think about this Giuliani Lanny Davis Yeah right It's something in? The what what is what is? Going on I. Don't, know Because I is you know we've talked about Giuliani. And some of the statements in. The past which we said that's, bad lawyering and now we look at this that's. Pretty bad lawyering and the, I'm sure you're paying an arm. And a leg To have these attorneys on retainer Well in the case of Giuliani why? Are you talking at all, I we said? That many times what are you what are you talking to the? Media for your his personal attorney you're not someone employed by the government like a like a White House attorney like like someone that is assigned to. That and paid by the people you're, his, personal attorney stopped talking eight six six ninety redeye we've now concluded, our, deal and, it's being finalized President Donald Trump. Announcing agreement with Mexico on trade the president speaking, Monday on phone with his counterpart Mexican president Enrico paid yet NATO by a translator Dave US Trade. Representative Robert lighthizer, says there is a ninety day window between submission of the deal to congress and formal signing of the agreement in late. November we expect to that our letter to, congress getting that process on. Friday the president said the new agreement with Mexico will benefit the US sector in various regards including, Mexico's promised to immediately start purchasing as much farm products as they. Can they're gonna work that very hard. Attention now turns to the third member of the North American Free trade, agreement Canada expected to shortly resume trade negotiations with the US and. Mexico I ride bait reporting for the US department of agriculture at Washington..

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