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Com search top ten. 7 28. Traffic and weather on the H Steve dresner in the WTO traffic center. In Maryland and Montgomery county, we are seeing a badge a heavy precipitation move over the area in Gaithersburg right around one 24 Montgomery village avenue down to three 70 CMI, highway hitting south along the two 70 corridor all the way down to 28 west Montgomery avenue, so do you use a bit of caution we are seeing through our traffic cameras, folks taking it easy, but plenty of road spray, of course, headlights on wipers on for safety may want to be careful the speeds. It's also affecting portions of the beltway in Montgomery county roughly from their river road all the way around the university boulevard and creeping up now to the area New Hampshire avenue. So again, maybe you want to watch your speeds just a bit, quite the opposite over in prince George's county where the bellway traveling incident free. In both directions, we're in good shape on 95 in the BW Parkway between the two beltways. No problems are reported on route 50, especially the westbound trip coming back from the shore points, just minor delays hitting over the westbound span of the Chesapeake Bay bridge where we do have three lanes open west bam. Two going east bound, no issues along route three O one or at the nice Mac Middleton bridge. In the district and when great on the freeway, no problems reported on D.C. two 95 or I two 95. Over in Virginia, delays have gone away on the inner loop coming down from the tysons corner area pre smooth trip to the American legion bridge just minor delays eastbound 66 coming in from fairfax to the capitol bellway. Once you're inside the beltway, it's all clear down to the roslyn tunnel. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. And now to storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. Temperatures will make a run for the low 80s for your Monday, much like we finished the weekend. We have mostly cloudy skies with showers, patchy fog, and a chance for an isolated thunderstorm. Tuesday starts off dry

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