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Listeners. It's brett molina. And i'm mike schneider. Welcome back talking tech one of the reasons. The nintendo switch has been such. A big hit is the treasure trove. Video games exclusive to the platform featuring stars such as mario length yoshi and more the latest example released last month is a sports finley game. Mario golf super paresh. Yes and this is a. This is one of my favorite mario niches. 'cause they you know nintendo's dabbled in different sports stuff for a while between soccer and baseball and other stuff so but it was nice to see golf back so the video game features all characters from super mario universe hitting the greens for a round of golf still. See mario luigi yoshi. Bowser you name it. At first glance it feels like regular golf. You're picking your clubs. You're judging kind of the the pitch and you're you know you're figuring out wind direction and all that stuff but of course there's a fun nintendo twist to it There are different ways to play it their speed golf where you play rounds as quickly as possible and you'll use power ups either speed up or slow down your opponent as you're running between each hole so basically it's like your your own supercharge golf cart kind of thing Then there's battle golf which combines golf with kind of an obstacle course year having to you know not only worry about finishing the the round in with as few strokes as possible but you have to dodging all these obstacles then. Of course there's golf adventure where you create your own me. Which is an avatar that that a lot of nintendo owners are familiar with and you learn to become a pro golfer in the mushroom kingdom. So you'll start small and they'll just work your way up earning new clubs and just getting better and better at the game. I've just dabbled a little bit and again it looks cool. I mean i was excited about this game coming out and i think i have mentioned in a previous podcast that i went and got a nintendo switch because i because i just wanted to play this game. And obviously there's a lot of games coming out That made me wanna have one. And as we're focusing more on video tapes of meats. it was smart for me to have one It feels good when you play the game on my. I'm learning. I've got some birdies already. Got a couple of bogues I'm looking forward to seeing how simple it is for like my wife to play. Because she's like all. I think she'd probably enjoyed Taking me on now have not tried any special mode yet I don't know if you've tried. Battled golf for or Speed golf i mean. We had a team we had a tick tick each other online or something for that yellow to figure that out. I've dabbled with the golf adventure for a little bit. And i really like it. It's a lot of fun. It's really good to start out with too. Because it kind of doubles as a tutorial and shows you the basics of the game and there was stuff that i when i started playing in i just jumped into a game and wasn't sure exactly how everything worked but then when i played golf adventure after it started making sense because they pretty much breakdown like how everything works. And there's a meter that judges how hard you hit but then also it tells you you know which way the wind blows which way you're ball might curve if you hit it So there's a lot of little nuance there that i really found helpful playing golf adventure but i got a taste of the speed golf too which is a lot of fun. You basically have to finish a hole in his short amount of time as possible. Seal hit and then you have to sprint down to the next hole and there are these little. I think hearts that you pick up that allow you to like get a supercharge run but you also have special powers you can use. It will slow people down. Make them go fast. Make yourself go faster It's really cool. Like i said it's like they've taken elements of the mario games and elements of golf. And i think it goes together really well. Good tip on the on. The on the gulf adventure idea might be a might be smart for me to go down a bit kind of get my judges. Tim pride in. Because i played a lot of video game golf games. And you know even if i don't know how to curb it. Initially i know how to play wind. Lay the shot back or whatever. Change the aim. Everything but cool. Well i think we highly recommend this. You know at first early glances to listen to your son. I have a feeling we'll touch back in later when we try some of these other modes and let folks know about it so Hey listen let's hear from you. You want to know more about murogov. Have you played any reflections. You wanna share. You can buy me on twitter at mike. Snyder and i'm at bremen lena. Twenty-three please don't forget to subscribe and rate us or leave a review on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher anywhere. You get your podcasts. You've been listening to talking tech. We'll be back tomorrow with another quick kit from the world of tech birthdays holidays. Promotions getting that last sprinkled on it. There's a lot in this world worth celebrating but nothing is worth celebrating more than knowledge especially knowledge. That'll.

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