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Dot org realm on arts going to be moving left to right across your radio dial. And their goalkeeper, Jeff Dues number will be inhabiting the North goal. And the real Monarchs control the second half kickoff and underway. Here in the second half. So three subs coming on for real monarchs. I know their developmental team, but Holy smokes. And immediately the monarchs trying to break On the attack, and it's tapped out. It will lead to a corner kick. For real monarchs, SLC. Couple of those changes. Cantero is coming in young man from Ecuador. So is Charlie. We hand High school teammate of airports, stone trust and trigger. Out on the West Coast. So real monarchs will line up the corner kick here. This one sent into the box headed in the air and Sean Melvin climbs the goal that hit the bar. Came down, kissed off the top of the crossbar. Sean Melbourne was Spider manning into the corner. So it's going to result in a pair FC corner kick Pepsi. That's what I like. So Joseph Mark Cantero will come in for Malik Johnson getting the official words on these, uh Substitution as they corner comes into the box headed away by the switchbacks. And now they'll look to break back the other way. Here comes Michi Galina along the near side overlapping run from Haji Berry, who I think changed his shoes at half time. Long past two, Beckford and just in time. Jeff do snubs slides in front of back offered to get that ball. Great break from the switchbacks. You called Haji Berry making that run doing everything you could to get outside stretch the field. In the end, the ball went the other way to work back for good goalkeeping from dosing up. And here coming. The other direction is real Monarchs, SLC. Have it at the top of the 18 yard box. That is, Charlie. We ham. Straight into the attack for the Monarchs. And now with it on the near side is Douglas Martinez, He remains in. He's not one of the three substituted, which is a Good idea because As Roland mentioned, he's been probably their best players so far. Now, Beverly, mocking Gila takes it away at the top of the 18 and this one sent in off the hop. Sean Melvin plays it immediately throws it to the other side of the field where Sebastian Andersson has it. Which banks moving right to left. With a 31 advantage, 48 minutes gone by in this match on the fourth of July. Another change for the monarch says the Young man from done, Doc. Timmy sober wallet coming into the match, formerly at Manchester City before making his way stateside. And all of these substitution is brought to you again by the William J. Hebel Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Learn more at H Y B L Center. Dot org All ends up on the feet of do snap, the real Monarchs keeper who has had a difficult evening. Now will pass up to meet she Galina is the switchbacks break again. Here comes Galina over to Haji Barry has one already passes it to Echeverria. Now out to the far side for Dashain. Beckford Beckford up to Bari hears a shot and that one just So close. Going into the back of the net for his second goal of the game. Instead, it will be a goal kick for do snap. Yeah. Haji Berry in the end, running away from goal when he struck that one with his right foot, just trying to wrap his right foot around it in the end. Just a little bit too much curls that went skidding by the far post of do snap. Dangerous once again from real monarchs to play out from this kind of position with the switchbacks is high line. And Mitchie, Galina and Jose Tours will come in and take it away and towards his past is cleared out by Saucedo and it will be a throne for the switchbacks. Matt Mahoney, first on the scene throws it into Galina. Alina to the top of the 18 for Barry. He'll try to curl and that one didn't quite curl another gold kick for real monarchs. So the three substitution soba Wally Cantero and we hand Are into the match, Flores, Bonsai and Johnson or the three Real monarchs. Players whose night has come to an N and Johnson was the one you probably expect. He was riding a bit of a thin line with the referee made some Wild challenges got caught out of position a couple times, but real monarchs clearly not happy with what happened in the first half. Saucedo have any clear another cross out of play another throwing coming for the switchbacks. And they'll instead go back across midfield. Here's Michael Edwards. He has one of the three goals here tonight. Ask Is it out? Why purge ashamed back Furred, who also has one of the three goals tonight? Beckford. Look at a cross it over Tor as just overran it and real monarchs able to clear But not quite. Here's Edwards at the top of the 18 sidesteps the defender plays this one in and that one just wide. Of gold. They're very nearly a career night for Michael Edwards that would have been his second goal. And it will result Believe in a throw in and that is indeed the case for real monarchs. SLC Beautiful play for Michael Edwards Seen that step time and time again this evening took the ball away, then beat the defender. Just inside. The 18 has strike going just wide. His good play as well. Just before that. Jose Torres, making the near post run, letting the ball run between his legs thought he had a teammate him behind him. In the end, he did not Communications line communication lines just cross but good play from Torrez and even better play from Michael Edwards to win that ball back and then drive the switchbacks forward 51 19 and counting switchbacks with the 31 lead. All four goals were scored in the first half. So if you're just joining us For the second half. You have not missed any scoring as of yet, but that might change. Here's Haji. Buried in the middle of the field leaves it for Michi. Galina. Galina turns and runs, He'll slow it up just a bit. Now he looks to step away from his defender plays it over. That's a barrio with the shot and that one just slides wide, but it was tipped by Jeff do snap and will result in to make David law firm.

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