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F-? Don lemon hardship is I right on the flag. Jamaica, gold recalls, the shining sun black reflects hardships and green represents the land. The flag colors are gold. Green and black the rust afar. In flag ads read for the bloodshed. This guy is an ignorant a-hole. And while that's true wasn't really on topic until I received this just this morning. It is a chapter, and it may be the whole may just be an essay. I don't know was a I think it's from a book the title of the book is reflections of a Jamaican father. Does this remind you anything? Yet sounds like Obama's book reflect. Yes, reflections of Jamaican father by Donald J Harris. This is KOMO as dad now, if this if we were on a mainstream news program, this might actually be some pretty big news when I'm gonna read to you do not expect to hear this anywhere. But here I will read only two paragraphs as a child growing up in Jamaica often heard it said by my parents and family and friends member we come from to this day. I continue to retain the deep social awareness and strong sense of identity, which that grassroots to make in philosophy fed in me as a father I naturally sought to develop the same sensibilities in my two daughters. Born and bred in America, comma, was the first in line to have it planted Maya came two years later and had the advantage of an older sibling as a mentor. It is for them to say, truthfully. Now, not me what if anything of value. They carried from that early. Experience into adulthood, my one big regret is that. They did not come to know the very to know very, well, the two most influential women in my life, miss Christie, and miss iris my roots. Go back within my lifetime to my paternal grandmother, miss Christie, nee Cristiana Brown descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as a plantation and slave owner and founder of Brownstown. Her grandmother was a slave owner. What come Allah Harris's? Great grandmother was a slave owner and plantation owner in Jamaica and the founder of Brownstown. She her roots are slaveholders. This is good. Clipping? There's no clip. How fantastic is this. That's fantastic. Fantastic. Picture a picture of her and there's a picture of her with a with a grandma Kamla with grandma IRAs. It should be rousting camel from Hamilton. If she ever shows up for a presentation. Out. It's in the show notes. Ooh. Wait a minute. Actually should make sure I don't have that. Oh, yeah. I gotta change one thing there. I don't want the Email address exposed where I got it from obviously. But yeah, there you go Comal Harris, great granddaughter of slave owners in Jamaica. That can have some doubt come up. Not one dollar bet right now. This will not become a thing. No one will ever hear about it. After this take you make that ten dollar bet. That's that's a little beyond. My means. We're trying to buy a house. I can go five dollar Bill though. Don't you only one still that you were going to send me crisp dollar Bill? Yeah. Bands. Now. All right. There you go. That was my big reveal for the day. That was very funny. It's not funny. It's just great. Well, it's funny too. Because it we'll see we'll see how I mean. Some of these people out there man it like how well you can hear this. This is Elizabeth Warren who was so tone deaf and colorblind to or situation that she doesn't even have an answer ready for a heckler..

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