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Alley Mikhail joins us. Now he is in New York City and he is the author most recently of God's shadow Sultan. So Liam has automated empire and the making of the Modern World Allen thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. This book is about the Ottoman Empire which I think for many Americans. Certainly Young Americans. It's sort of encountered in the history textbook. In its waning years World War One it's sort of the dying empire that you know is obliterated at the end of World War One along with the austro-hungarian empire. But what was the Ottoman Empire Lake at peak? Height of its power the Ottoman Empire ruled three continents, Europe Asia and Africa some thirty three countries today have an Ottoman history. It was an empire mainly of three religions Islam the religion of the ruling elite of the empire and not the height of its power, the majority of the population but also Christianity and Judaism it was a multi linguistic empire. The languages of the Balkans of the Middle East and parts of Africa, as well, and it was one of the world's great powers of the early modern period. When you talk about the early modern period, what years do you mean specifically roughly we're talking about fifteen, hundred, eighteen, hundred. Okay and the subject of this book is really looking mostly at the sixteenth century, right the fifteenth and the Sixteenth Century. That's correct Salim the protagonist of the Book Lifts From Fourteen Seventy Fifteen twenty tell us about Sultan Salim also known I I love this as Salim the grim and as God shadow on earth and I'm assuming the title of Your Book Correct Correct Salim is the father of perhaps the most famous Soltan Souleymane the magnificent. She was the Ninth Soltan of the Ottoman Empire she was born as also tons were to a concubine mother than at the time a autumn Prince who would become the Soltan later on in Selena's life he was born in the city of a mafia, which is in Anatolia Modern Day Turkey. And he was the four, th of his father's ten sons and not favored to succeed his father to the throne and much of the story of his life is how he outmaneuvered is older and more favored brothers to eventually become the Soltan which he becomes in fifteen twelve. And, he rules only for eight years a very short period of time. But in those eight years, he expands the Ottoman Empire more than any other Soltan in six hundred year history of the empire. Key makes the empire for the first time in history a majority Muslim empire. He is the Soltan who gives it the shape that will have until World War One why isn't it ham wise it Suliman who is the better known Sultan Sulaiman is very important sold time I don't want to take anything away from him. He rules longer than any other Soltan it's under his reign that the empire achieves the kind of height of the arts where it's at its most involved in your affairs. It is during Sulaiman's reign that we have an enormous corpus of source material of correspondence between the Ottoman Empire, embarrass European Towers, and those were some of the earliest sources that European historians used to tell the story of the Ottoman Empire, and therefore they gave a lot of attention to Salim on one of the things that I argue in the book though is that it's because of. This enormous expansion during Selena's rain that's only able to achieve everything that he does during his rick. How much territory did Salim Conquer when he takes the throne, the empire is an empire, basically of the Balkans, and the western half of Anatolia. So if you think of Modern Day Turkey today in the middle of Turkey over to the GNC Salim adds to the eastern half of Anatolia. So all of modern, day Turkey what we conventionally think of as the Middle East today. So the Levant, Syria, Lebanon Israel, Palestine Jordan parts of Iraq down into Saudi Arabia, Modern Day Saudi Arabia, and then over in North Africa all the way to modern day. So from Egypt over to Algeria. So it solidifies the autumns as the dominant power in the eastern Mediterranean after this defeat of the Mamluk Empire, which is the Empire that held all this territory before the Ottoman control basically the Mediterranean coast from Algeria following all the way around of events. The guiding principle of his territorial expansion was this economic? Was it about spreading Islam was it just power? I really think it was about his ambition and his desire for territorial conquest to be the major power in the region. When Salim is younger, he is the governor of a city in eastern Anatolia on the Black Sea and it's there that he really is introduced to some of the enemies that he will come to fight later in his life. So I, really do think it's about his own personal ambition for expansion and power aren't to tell us a little bit about who he was and why was he salim the grim the sources that we have of Selena's life are you know the bureaucratic sources that he promulgated orders and appointments and those kinds of things we have some of his poetry? And we have some correspondence that he undertook, and then we have people who are observing his life. So from that, we come to see that he again was someone who turned the disadvantages of his life being unfavored son into an advantage. He thought that the empires should be militarily aggressive and not defensive. He struck out against enemies on the eastern border of the empire when he was governor of the city on the Black Sea, he was maniacally focused on getting to the throne so that meant that. He bucked many trends. One was the trend of non favored sons becoming sultans. Another was that he himself as best we know there some historical debate about this had only one set himself souleymane to save his one son, the succession crisis and battle that would dominate so much of Salem's life and he was known as the grim because he was quite violent as both the governor and eventually as Soltan and I WANNA be careful here not to ascribe any more violence to a Muslim leader than any other. Leader in this period was very bloody period in world history the inquisition is going on at this moment. European, powers are executing people in public squares in these kinds of things. So Salim is very much a piece of this world. He kills eventually his half brothers is rivals for the throne. He also deposes his father, which was a very unique thing in Ottoman history usually succession occurred once Soltan died or was physically incapacitated for some reason, and he forcibly deposes his father. So this idea that he's the. Grim is one that comes out later in the later writings of Ottoman. Estonians to describe this period in which it was thought, we don't want a.

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