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Of course singing the song not paying attention to whatever was in front of me on or off of the bridge in on the side of the bridge but that's what was happening there and i talked to somebody afterwards about that and they said you know like other bridges like the golden gate bridge like the ben franklin bridge in philadelphia like the george washington bridge new york they're jumpers is that it's a jumper bridge and and i said wow i had no idea and they weren't saying that every day this was consistently happening but just that it had happened of a bunch how about that yeah in north korea there's probably some people who are so hara five by the treatment that they received that they wanted to be jumpers people sometimes paint this picture of kim jong wound which i can't believe anybody would paint a rosy picture of him however 'cause he beyond my deck of cards for ugly dictator list of just like hugo chavez the butcher and castro would it would be on that list for me he was on that list for me so the us military ops in north korea with this scenarios what would a war with north korea like would it be catastrophic in ah that's what's being said now that if if there is a would we have a preemptive strike lindsey graham made comments about that the senator from south carolina saying that there would be war with north korea if the missile threat continue so as an american i'm asking you would you like to see a war with north korea witnesses this there's it's nutty what's happening in all of a sudden there's this unusual submarine active eighty and we've detected it at on what what's being called unprecedented levels that's never kit and they said there was evidence of an ejection test following pyongyang's sent can't intercontinental ballistic missile launch this month so what does it ojection test mean it examines a missiles cold launch system what does that mean it uses high pressure steam to propel a missile out of a launch canister into the air before its engines ignite so it helps prevent flames and heat from the engine from doing damage to either the sob or a submersible barge any equipment used to launch the.

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