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Kicking off you Tuesday morning produce Catherine Greg talking about the campaign to a race past marijuana convictions from public record his reach Rhode Island the legal landscape not quite as clear here as in states that have legalized the recreational use of the drug now in Rhode Island what begins as a civil penalty for possession of a small amount of the drug less than an ounce can escalate into a criminal charge but is societal attitudes about marijuana change some Rhode Island one makers contend that state law should change to now the reason why I rep Jason nights is the reason he put this in is because I think we have changing attitudes around controlled substances no one I know believe that it's a moral failing to get charged with possession of a controlled substance state rep Anastasia Williams has introduced another bill eight seven one four two to allow those previously convicted of marijuana possession which would now constitute a decriminalize defense to have their records for those convictions automatically expunge regardless of their criminal history the underlying argument here in other states decades of drug enforcement have disproportionately targeted minorities which in turn has perpetuated the cycle of poverty and incarceration that has kept many minorities from getting jobs and finding housing the Massachusetts hand free law about to go into effect let's get more from Eyewitness News is Kate Walsh spread the word on Sunday February twenty third it will be against the law to text or hold your phone while driving in Massachusetts it's definitely a good line I already thought it was in effect Massachusetts state troopers will be out in full force looking for compliance part.

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