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He's not kinda lose any money he'll sue eleven million dollars this season and it would be still have him in the upper echelon of quarterbacks average making that what they make per year. He's at the upper tier of that in terms of pay so say look. We want to read you a new deal. We're gonna give you a new three year. Contract traffic going to burn up the old one. You're still get your eleven million dollars due this year because we backloaded his contract when they picked him up as a free agent with the browns ditched it so here's what i wanna do. Is it five million dollars base salary for this season. You get six million signing bonus. You're gonna cut his is his cap head down and then i'm gonna obviously extended ended out over the next two years after that. Make sure that you're giving him. The money back loaded again but that's going to be when antonio brown's money is off the books. We'll see what happens how lance is chiming and saying he wants eleven point plus five meaning. He wants the eleven million did he do this year plus five that's when i say you know what it's been fun. It's been real but you know what i could do. Is i could take the money. I would save on you next year. Antonio brown's money off the books and and i can go find somebody else. I get a free agent. I could get a steven nelson type. I could hope that someone maybe it's already burns kinda resurrects his career replays well and they give him a very team friendly deal. I'm not suggesting here don't go off. Don't go crazy in the live chat that i don't. I don't think they're saying that. I'm not suggesting that inter that already burnt says the next answer. I'm not saying there's going to be players. Available that will be cheaper than joe haden. Who like i said isn't the wrong side of thirty. I would not give him any longer than three years period. I just don't have any interesting giving him a long term term deal because i don't trust his health as it is. I won't trust it as he gets older either so for me. That's what i would do. Is it a priority forty. Which is the ultimate burning question here right now. Yes yes yes yes. I definitely do think it's a priority. I don't think they should be dealing with hargrave. Davis davis at debris. Y budget pres getting over nine million dollars this year anyways..

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