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Freddie's music freddie listen to radio critic it's so as issue was grittiest fondly. That kind of hot. Since we're led. I kind of so onto rub off on like okay. I listened to these guys. Mix in directly competes with him sort of yes so at this point i knew aged and i knew boo boo now. Not view will be the subaru. I should call government billy supreme. We wear an ict to get under. We started learning of. So there's this guy called. Jeff is you see we style off. Jeff jeff hardy mixon every field. He would like show stove like trashorras. Dj dj's like and then abused like take together you live from. I want to see. I want to learn how to digital so i took an bill to booboo are from there so he was now be and boo and boo-boo will just teach us carriers to these gigs boo boo boo. Put us on road. He taught us to sell tickets. How to promote like literally the game and then we eventually hod job involving guilford dow's where egypt was business editor so me on boo hope on trade. Went to fort edgy. your city. our citizens are wherever this puzzle and then egypt midst boo boo. And he's like no way because he has been listening to time. Actually he was literally in lake when you see this woman more. 'cause like danielle still now then danielle. They're saying you just me that used to listen to the kept on sensing level elect these guys new yet thing you get for for people that are not. We like mixing at love like. There's nothing that's makes me happier than hearing smooth on sweets transitions. And we'd like one of the goods for athy. Booboo via super meets. Mom is of that. tend to I really when it comes to the commissioner. These time i really Still not i still releasing him on kenya's For me works. Where was was boo boo via so for me like missing missing boob. We elec to meet adequacy. be australia. Athletic gets even ask you. Is this guy like probably area that is cool or more like thinking of hugged each me a few things because you know what then listen to boost mixing him via adds to the mix and the transitions i hear. I tried to release them like he had to mix at pick up my dick's not the same song. I just tried to melissa transgender last week. Like you'll do it and we like the other days so for me. Boo boo leg was just just the game. Change now like this hot then. What happens after the semi. Well how i think. After i think dandy relationship is like so now we will news aged day news me and this bill assumed that so we just go in at that time. I didn't believe so. We just go on our own beans and just moving on on. I think at the point eagles but tonight. So he's he's ninety. Yuki for a bit. And then along that period i kind of have my fists. My first gig in midland in birmingham beside books. Me for triple x. are good down. stomaching connecting birmingham myong-su like the of the time truth nightclub ej. I became guys. We here he will see me. He's like so much love when he sees me and then long period is issue came back. And i'm like brew you can save..

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