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Got with bradley on the show was just it was hysterical you know he was he was i don't think that he ended up being portrayed the way that he expected like i think that he you know going out there really did believe he was going to be like this superfan mastermind who is just going to destroy people and sure he crossed people's dreams along the way but he is one of the people who has their dreams crushed much earlier than they would have liked and that being said he still was just gold he's this golden jerk and it's been a long time since we've had somebody who is just like so pure in that regard just like so surely nasty but wonderful at the same time so yet he goes out seventh but i think he made the season really really compelling i think he made it a lot of fun joke yeah yeah i mean he didn't even say just a second ago if i voted out i'll probably be like wow he literally did this show and i just i know that didn't pull the clip but when i watched the show with the close captioning on that he's subtitled and then there was also the closed caption of the subtitle which i feel like is done and they don't they don't need to do that do that they don't need to do no so great so great again and that's why i'm worried about him spradlin on her second her second time out because clearly this guy conceal a little bit into the future just doesn't know exactly what he's looking now i wish i could see into the future because it was two weeks ago when you were on your contract mandated week off from the wiggle room in deed with jessica lease and jessica and i had a draft and we were who would get picked off between now the time of the second swap and the merge we had no idea what was going to happen and so the idea was that we were there any stakes too that i'll get to that i'll get of course.

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