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Pure and simple also karen tumblety writing at the washington post donald trump is contagious he turned james komi into donald trump that's the headline of her column about commes book karen tumblety cardcarrying leftist media member extraordinaire says comas pettiness insecurity and need for african nation plus an ego that stays in high gear as totally totally clouded the work told you that chris wallace fox news called commes book ditch e bill clinton pollster mark penn wrote a column at the hill dot com and he focused on on the big deal to me which is call me not telling trump that the steele dossier was clinton opposition research folks i really can't get over that that that that is to me everything in an because if komi had admitted to trump that that that whole dossier was was clinton opposition research that would have shut down the investigation you mentioned trump gone on tv and say hey the fbi director just told me that this whole dossier was bought and paid for by hillary clinton that's an effort to impugn me and it's not true it would have shut down the investigation the fiso warrants were based on it the entire media campaign and all of the leaks from the deep state about it were routed around the steele dossier golden showers story if komi head admitted trump that this thing was hilary's work product it would have ended everything totally ended the investigation that might not have on the spot it taken the wind out of all the sales if the thing everybody's relying on his fake the result of clinton and dnc opposition research that's what folks i keep saying this is one of the biggest political scams that we have endured in our lifetimes this whole thing is a manufactured and the fact that it's still alive and kicking is a testament to just how solidly aligned everybody in the pro hillary campaign the anti trump campus because this is a giant giant hoax now let's go to the audio soundbites on our african american guy who asked for rappers reparations from starbucks because what happened when a couple of black customer by the way if this is not typical philadelphia's police commissioner has apologized to the two men arrested at starbucks his name is richard ross he apologized today after he defended the police officers actions for arresting two black guys at starbucks now folks we live in a great country at risk in a dangerous world and there are.

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