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Two romeo belong on a can of disposal arsenal. Kinda for the top four. Now let's start with leicester city. They just missed out again last year. Robin the last night was an it yet because the chelsea chelsea not spot in fifth to i just got through the spaghetti Daca definitely be like a like a like the look at that signing bubba. Cari samari from lil. Yeah and ryan bertrand interesting returns from southampton note disney's hot departures Christian was morgan The that were really the key to the last season anyway. what do you think rob. What do you think in terms of goods scouting great money great ship combinations of your trump. Yeah yeah let's the city of a tough fool plus one by the way anyone else. Anyone doesn't advocate of out of a consistent season. This team are good enough to be to to took to mix it in that. Now you police. Football contaminate. So some fifty. Some you still in my today within whether that weather focuses with what got raw with the recruitment with the money on the options with which he can play in the way different ways you can play that got transfer foreigner injury in the preseason is real blow gone and it's like. Yeah which will sit sitting in a public closer to christmas in before Shame see rob a woman in two thousand sixteen sixteen and soon as fueled beijing the football club in lot. We will not allow said. It's not least team. Just wanna keep going and going. And um i think it again. They'll be in your. I think i don't think they're going to challenge shift. It's helpful rob. I think given what we just talked about that forced pretty strong. That we've just in the last question there. And i think they've all upped their up that game their squad neces- fans might be a little nervous. James madison doesn't go. 'cause there's talk about him is hours of awesome. Yeah i think we talked to any rav about the importance of a good start. I looked injuries the already we know about. What if athanasios combat for a long time Still john evans is out. James justin his out rob timothy. Catania is out in the salon defenders on the injured list straight away. So i feel for them but i i just don't think we're going to see them pushing his heart as i did the last couple of seasons given given the others and the the thing that passing duckers is interesting but yeah i think he was the the austrian buddhism deposit here twenty. Seven goals ruben. Twenty appearances something windsor. As a hot hot striker. The i think's going to be rid exciting and it might just be another less acidity little find what. Maybe i'll find because people know about him but they're the ones that often by the players when they are the other teams white for the finished article they go in there and buy it did with a farner and many many others so daca is a region. Yeah undressing and i hear you get injuries mother. You're the challenges if you per Brandon's small plays will becoming living jewish Forever so others. but they'll increase. They can teach installed robert in being around. Talk six after five six weeks. This season honestly Mentality that foot local ally if we're gonna burst awful also Them you can stay down that we have been new breed. Well that's interesting because actually the two teams that were talking about in in this question who can shutting down to say. Let's spurs job. If you're okay with that show finished last season blindly. Where do we start with that some way to start the first. Mike is a lawyer by the way raw. The first thing is the manager. And i'm going to. I'm going to go through the names that didn't take the jaw. Nainggolan was in early Person that they they couldn't just whites comes to football club since then we've had been rogers antonio say we have fonseca. We have got to so there was big talk. Know in the middle of some other pacino is gonna come back to the cub rob and they sat on a. I'm gonna say a solid choice in new espirito center before everything else about plaza and all that. What do you think to the why. The club has handled the manager situation. I'm wanting to nuno spurs. You missed out ill most. Then you data be its decision left in the studio go But yeah i mean. This isn't that the big six job how know wanted you knew not to take it. It's like david moyes been giving just not only physically never come around again but in anyway way you want it in the in the shape which one this is a focal rob. The again this season is gonna be fascinating. They could be part of the trump six over sixteen th in the league. I'm telling you if hurricane goes buying minimum spending don lady designs with only they've lost over the pandemic in the state they hold the money back. This is is very very different from where they would use it. Too many players rob So something today about the malan. They think he was arrested. The bail money and any enlisted at spurs place. He'd been bullish him the bail money and allow every play on. That ball. wanted to love you. You're still thinking you see any. You don't know spurs plays it the moment these very few of coma and say i'm good with any subsidies with me. I think it'd be a little bit a little bit..

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