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Here on radio boston. The city of boston and policing much of acting boston mayor kim genie's early tenure has been defined by to policing scandals that she inherited the firing of police. Commissioner dennis white who years ago was accused of assaulting two women and a review of how officer patrick rose was allowed to remain on the force for twenty two years. After he was accused of child rape now janey asserts her handling of both cases shows her leadership as mayor is quote more transparent than anyone. I can think of in recent history and quote. She said that here on the show in may a new. Wr investigation challenges that claim and here to explain his w. b. u. r. reporter alexander manning ellie. Welcome back. thank you okay. So the dennis white and patrick roques cases. they've been highly publicized. But as you lay out there are thirteen other officers. The department found committed domestic violence over the past decade. How do we know that right. So tobacco bed. After the patrick rose and dennis white news. I put in a public records request to the department asking for records about any officers who are investigative for sexual assault or domestic violence over the last ten years and i asked for cases were investigators sustained those allegations. That means boston police. Investigators believe those officers committed the offence but boston refuses to provide any of the actual records however they did finally provide me with numbers. They say. Thirteen officers committed domestic violence and another was found to have committed sexual assault. Okay and what do we know Not a whole lot. They won't provide any records whatsoever. Not even the officers names. We don't know if the thirteen officers who committed domestic violence are still working with the department. The department did say that. The officer who committed sexual assault isn't with the boston police anymore. But we don't know their name so we can't see if that officer ended up working for another police department separately. I also found out about an officer who still works for the department and twenty fourteen. His daughter went to hang him police and said she said he'd sexually abused her in their home. Hingham pass that information on to boston. Which investigated enrolled the complaint unfounded. Neither boston nor hingham will provide any more information so we don't know if the officer has been accused and other incidents okay..

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