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An interview in two thousand eight with blaine harden of the washington post the right side nor of seven years older full of both rock wrought so pretty miserable conditions did he ever have a family in north korea will actually he did he met a young japanese abductee and by that i mean north korea had this bizarre policy of sending agents to japan to kidnap japanese citizens to bring them back to train north korea's own spies in japanese culture and language and he was introduced to one of these women whom he eventually married and by whom he had two children hitomi soga and who he leaves now is a widow so how did jenkins get out of north korea when did that happen well that was also connected to his wife it tell me soga there was tremendous political pressure from japan round the end of the 1990s beginning of the 2000s to get these abductees released and the north korea leadership had a change of heart and actually did release some of them in two thousand two and a couple of years later they decided to let jenkins go to be reunited with his wife is an active compassion if you could say that from the north koreans road and jenkins i gather chose to live out the rest of his life in japan what was his life they're like a batch it became quite a celebrity none of the abductees wanted to give media interviews but he was happy to talk endlessly to the japanese media and his book was a bestseller eh he settled with his wife on the remote island of santo off the west coast and he worked in the gift shop there and was a major draw for the local tourist industry so here today an income and became in a respected and wellknown minor celebrity in japan did jenkins regret defecting to the north almost immediately yes he said uh for all the time he was that he thought he was the dumbest thing he'd ever done but then the second chapter of his life in the one in japan he.

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