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The problem was that for those early years in Rhode Island and what was a truly interesting experiment was largely hampered by internal divisions however things were beginning to stabilise 'em by the end of the sixteen forty s all but warwick the cat come into the fold and we're essentially operating as a single colony. It is impossible to say that Rhode Island was not a religious community. This is sixty forty s new England and and seriously guys everybody is really religiously inclined the difference in Rhode Island. However are those things that we spent so long discussing in the episode on Roger Williams uh-huh in this regard we do not see a system of government? Take place that place at the church in any special role concepts like separation of church and State Ju Flourish in Rhode Island. Throughout the documents we see getting producing the time Rhode Island does base their system on the idea of popular sovereignty. People vote without the strings that we see attached Ellsworth route New England however it is impossible to overlook the fact that whatever talking about the early colonial period Rhode Island is so often ignored. The center of the new the England Universe is and will remain Massachusetts. Connecticut and Plymouth are hanging on around the edges of that orbit however they are still a million miles away from Rhode Island in every aspect the other colonies in New England looked at Rhode Island with a mixture of distrust and outright contempt is sixteen forty three. When the New England Confederation nation was formed for the Common Defense of the New England colonies those he joined Massachusetts Plymouth? Connecticut and New Haven. It is not an accident. That Rhode Island was snubbed upped. All of this came together to make sure that Rhode Island's population remained much lower than the other colonies. I've seen various estimates on the population. However over nearly all agree that in sixteen fifty the population of Rhode Island was well under one thousand people for comparison most mincy placed the population of Massachusetts at around fifteen eighteen thousand and Connecticut? Around five thousand. No matter how you turn it Rhode Island is a relatively small blip on the radar. which is something? I'm sure the other New England England colonies were plenty happy with the other colonies in New England are always pretty steadfast against anything that is going to disrupt their carefully. Choreographed social order. Everything about Rhode Island threatened that order for the rest of New England Rhode Island was something that they wanted to make sure stayed small and uninfluential for the most this part this is going to actually work. The reason why there isn't more written on the early colonial history of Rhode Island despite the fact that they are working on some truly revolutionary ideas is probably only because they made up such a small part of the New England world the population remains low and the ideas being expressed within are largely contained within that colony. This is going to limit the influence of Rhode Island throughout the period that we have been discussing and will continue to limit that influence as we move forward we have spent the last fourteen thirteen episodes in the world of New England. Next time we are want to wrap up our series on New England. I've got a few other topics that I would like to briefly cover and then and we are going to spend the rest of the episode looking at the region overall as we approach sixteen fifty. When next week is wrapped up we will be able to put New England behind us and we will be marching quickly glee towards the end of our first season of this podcast? So come back here in two weeks and we will conclude our story on the founding of the New England colonies.

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