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Lose come shop by Shan gets blocked sham lost it edge falls to the ice but comes to done moves it in behind the Bruin goal. Prove over for the Bruins opened up the left side. Cranston keeps it alive. Pinching for Saint Louis Sundquist wants around Boesak over four the blues back the other way. And now Saint Louis will make a change picked up by crew prove to the red line took a hit for both jackets. He sends the puck it behind whose goal. News able to clear couching pockets center expand auditors McEvoy to forty remaining in curious to here in Boston. Who's would have to nothing lead. First period goals from Wiley, amp transit now, Chris, what to the red line long pass up the right side for coil a shot, right? Onto the bait by Jordan bidding tin. Now, sticks gloves, come up in the far corner, Morocco. Having words with danton Heinen, fifteen years old. Hainan in the stands at Vancouver while the Bruins won the Cup watching that then he said he may cherry stuck around for the celebration. And the reason he got involved. There was that after Bennington made the save Charlie Coyle was coming down the right side, took the Rishaad Bennington made the save and held on. And Hainan coming from the other way when hard to the net and wack Bennington with his stick after he made the save. And that wasn't appreciated by Colton break. Oh. Heads prevail face off to the left to Bennington to twenty nine to get the period. Two fingers Saint Louis in game seven..

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